when will someone make a World of warcraft private server specifically for LGBTQ people only? thats all im asking guys


wtf is up with cis people making custom alien, or even just animal, species in RPGs and the like, and then going "they can smell each others genders so you cant have a trans character, other characters will smell you and assign you she/her pronouns" like. this isnt as """realistic""" as you think it is Melissa

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God. i was thinking about getting into RPGs again (forum RPGs) but i just remembered how so many sites are trans unfriendly. i just saw a site that claimed to be D&D inspired have a rule that you must list your characters "biological gender" in their profile and "if this offends you you need to rethink your character concept to prevent ooc tension". sure buddy. D&D belongs to the trans you're on the wrong turf

still don't know how to make lasting online friendships though. Sadly That's Still a WIP

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the last post from when i was on here before was a bit sad, it was about how growing up the internet sucks and how lonely it is. well i'm happy to report I Have one (1) IRL Friend now and i Might be getting a job soon to where I'll have Co-Workers To Befriend???? fingers crossed on that one but yeah i guess it does get better

well bud, here we are again, with an ena icon no less

it's just really sad because i know so many people are in the same situation i am: no irl friends, too anxious to DM anyone new, and all the friends you used to DM you have grown apart from.

but despite us all being in the exact same situation, we're also too anxious to fix it with each other, we say "i'll be your friend :)" but nothing comes of it, 9 times out of 10

i think growing up on the internet really sucks!

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been tryin to kick the habit of internet surfing, have roughly succeeded in binge-reading LOTR instead of watching youtube but i do wonder when im gonna get around to DMing people instead of scrolling social media to trick my brain into thinking i had human interaction

my experience with virtual pet site staff has always been abysmal, idk if it is just me like why are they always just, WAY too serious and inflexible? im thinking about how neopets bans any name that is related to lgbt and getting steamed

anyone about anything: complain all you want but could YOU do any better?
me: Maybe i can! Maybe I Can!

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have been trying to get back into an old chickensmoothie account, reminded of just how terrible the staff is on chickensmoothie, tempted to make my own adoptable site out of sheer spite

i can't personally recommend it to anyone, tbh as long as you are using a different username and password than you used to, you can just. Forget about them... Put them out of your mind

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ive spent the day cleaning up old accounts on various sites and deleting those that i could, and hoo boy. some of them were just. Trauma Has Entered the Building

Black, queer owned shop! Get some gift wrap. They got xmas, pride, gothy and other gorgeous (and rather affordable) prints to choose

Queer quirky and Black-owned gift wrap by TheShavenRaven on Etsy

i think maybe a good way to remember german words may be to just name my pokemon after them, i remember "klein" because i named my ferroseed that. language hack unlocked

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