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cat with the zoomies except its your cat wife and they zoomie over to give you surprise cheek kiss and then zoomie away

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do @ me if you find any examples of cat terms being used in the wild (please don’t if, like, the example, or the work containing it in general, is gross or bad or whatever)

if you don’t have masto and are seeing this somehow just email us at catflame+xrpts AT eerie DOT garden i guess idk

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what are the vowels in the neopronouns?
+ for the last three, as in “eye”;
+ for the first two, as in “the”, or in “hay”

alternatively, you could pronounce it not as a vowel but as “ash”, because that would be rad as fuck

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proposition: all cats are kittens.


+ we know that kittens are baby cats, and vice versa.
+ we also know that all cats are baby.
--> therefore, all cats are baby cats.
--> as a necessity, we arrive at the statement to be demonstrated: that all cats, being baby, are kittens.

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when it comes to multiplicity we’re basically the equivalent of a cis person embedded in a very trans community and very invested in it in a way where you know that they’re gonna come out sometime, eventually; the only difference is we’re very self-aware about this

cat update: went “fuck it” and bought the hd 280 pros

this monitor looks like shit and i do not know where to begin trying to calibrate it

do you ever have to somewhat forcefully remind yourself that you do not have to take criticisms of something you like personally

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