a few grains of salt about fediverse "instances" 


"self-hosting" will be a mere pipe dream so long as it works the way it does now

When I talk to people about decentralizing the internet, fighting the power of corporations and self-hosting they react the same way than when you tell someone you don't eat meat.

Going to HR (Human Resources) does nothing it's merely Theatre in Capitalism pretending it will lead to anything, when in fact it won't.

Asking for Money :boost_ok:​ 

the fediverse has fundamental problems 


Meritocracy is never Anarchist 

re: Father's Day, not so negative 

re: sunbeam.city 

re: Father's Day, not so negative 


spider talk 

asking for money within next 2 days, trying to shut a credit account 

Father's Day, negative 

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