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sarcastic caps 

was doing some projection out into the universe for the spirits and was like "come here, come here beings of love and light 😊 BEINGS WITH EVIL INTENT TOWARDS ME DNI"
djshsjsk i know thats not how manifestations work but lol

im almost positive that being a system is going to help in the event of ET contact

unhygenic , humor 

lol i was reading a manga where someone had diarrhea and their friend who theyre staying with is like "oh no! :( anyway heres some gummy bears a classmate gave you"

bitch those gummy bears are NOT going to help his diarrhea i promise

Found that on Instagram. It is accurate.
Via pvssysweat on Instagram

i think i have an orko introject?? is that what this is? where in my most vulnerable moments a little orko voice pops up and gives me encouragement? w
(feel free to say if that sounds wrong im just tryina put the experience into words)
(but also thank goodness its orko)

Ako: I can respect any person who incorporates a suit vest into their regular wardrobe.

mr robot is SO good i forgot who here recommended it to me but it's really enrapturing so far


Anyone else smoke in the headspace when they're stressed, especially when you can't do so outside?


i got a really bad infection and i hate it every time i get it because it feels like my fault for having it then i have to take out work..rn we dont even know if im on the right meds and a test takes 2 days to process. im working while sick and in pain and making up work while still feeling like im going to need to take off again. i dont usually try and fish for attention but does anyone have some encouragement in this tough time ><

Ako: You fools. I'm not the dad who says no to a cat and slowly falls in love with them. I'm the uncle who loves his cat so much he's going to make everyone ELSE fall in love with his cat

Phos, following a guide to help determine if youre plural, just for shits n giggles: *to the headspace*
hello, is anyone there?

Ako and some other folks: *proceed to recite the entirety of the "moonbase alpha is a realistic simulation of life on a natural satellite"*
John Madden! John Madden!

Penelopius: I am in all respects a Hobbit, to my lifestyle to my beard to my fondness of pipes, but a 7 foot tall one

mental health psa, call to action, :boost_ok:​ appreciated 

The world is a scary place right now. It can get very depressing, very fast.

Rather than spiral endlessly, consider putting all that negative energy towards doing something about it.

It doesn't have to be big. Start with the small things you know you can do. Anything helps, even something as simple as remembering to turn your computer off at night. (Or hibernate it if that's not an option.)

When and if you're ready, start moving to bigger measures. Volunteer with a local grassroots organiation. A quick internet search for "[cause] volunteer [your city]" will provide a good starting point. Activism relies heavily on its volunteers, and any organization worth its salt will be able to find a use for your unique skillset.

Be aware that the changes you set in motion may not be immediately apparent. It will take time for the metaphorical snowball to grow. But always remember that your actions aren't nothing.

Everything you do to help whatever cause you support, no matter how big or small, has the potential to cause massive, world-shaking changes.

All we ask is that you try.

-The Rez System

okay, helicopter jokes aside, i do love the title "trans medium type of craft" . i feel it thats my trans

i just want yall to know that even if i dont speak to yall directly i see the same names coming up for favorites and retoots ...and i appreciate you all ❤️ i see ur names and am like "!!! its them they liked that thing" and it makes me v happy 🥰

realizing im gesticulating meaning as im learning Toki Pona...damn , i could get into sign very easily

Dilius watching the newest evangelion movie, seeing the emotional joirney Shinji (who he voiceclaims) goes through: *sobbing* my boy has grown so much

oh all this in the past hour or so has been Nana hiii

food, toki pona question 

if i wanted to talk about this poptart, might i call it suwi kiwen pan? to emphasize its a sweet crunchy food to me? theres no crunchy word, but im wondering if "hard bread" just as easily conveys the meaning

so does Toki Pona have a propensity for basically making your own words for things using base meanings :o
this is coollllll

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