god i love the femininity in madoka, esp magia record. it doesnt make me feel any dysphoria. maybe its because the girls are incredibly well written, and they feel like they have a realistic range of emotions and motivations. they don't feel like tropes, instead just characters with personality. given that there are almost no prominent male characters (or nb characters), gender never really factors into interactions anyway but it always feels comforting to watch. if the girls are flaunting something, its an aspect exclusively of themselves that they celebrate too (not others' views of them) and i love that

i would take leaves and spray them gold for autumn table decorations

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one of the most dangerous craft materials is gold spray paint
once you learn how many things you can spray paint gold you'll never want to stop

metaphysical musings 

...am i so physically sick lately because im questioning my core beliefs? is there some connection between my several different pains and my paradigm shift (or at least questioning)? i would think a shift of this level has got to trickle down somehow

im relating to gollum/smeagol from a plural pov. god i hate how well i get them

sort of vent, sort of explanation of our system 

for us, the non-host members of the system, we're just basically the punching bag for the host's emotions. or like sponges, where we just soak everything up into ourselves huh

multiple people switching in an hour, call that a frontfest


getting high after a meltdown and im like omg! im gonna put full effort into translating Japanese and oh wow actually wait that was a lot of fun i need to do that more

lewd, caps 

sometimes when i get praised i dont think of explaining to employers "i respond well to positivie reinforcement", my brain jumps straight to "YA IM A PRAISE SLUT"

as a pantser, once i get started i just keep going. lets keep it in real time, baby!! thats right, im gonna write 15K words for one scene. i cannot shut up

re: kissing mention 

self care is making out with your alters in the dreamspace

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kissing mention 

wowowow had a dream i made out with Dilius and he was like, the most solid person ive ever kissed in a dream. it was great


Yana: would the basil pair well with the tomato?
Ako: *gesturing with his fingers together like an italian* what do you think

pronouncing the name of the video game "runescape" as if it's a compound word of "run" and "escape"

re: Potential for an Offline Plural Meeting 

@Rusanya_Collective yess. to add on to that id also love to do a face to face video chat for those that are comfortable w it
both are good

Potential for an Offline Plural Meeting 

How many systems, plurals, multiples, medians, etc. would be interested in an offline meeting after whatever the f*ck this year or so is?

We are bodily an adult, so we would like to keep it to just other bodily adults if we can, but otherwise feel free to boost and respond to this please! :boost_ok:


@carnassial_system spend your immortality eating all manner of poisonous materials just to "fuck around and find out"
you could look at the elephant's foot. you could take a chomp out of it

ref to lewd work 

oh an example of an obscure thing i was into suddenly getting popular is Yarichin B*tch Club
like god i cant tell you how much the tiktok memes make me cackle

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