alter nudity (sfw) 

a current depiction almost perfectly of Nana (left) and Nichya (right)

father mention, meme 

the alters in the headspace when dad won't shut up on the phone

Since im fronting i might as well post the Picrew i made of me lol nya
man this is so familiar to me, i was doing dress up games even back in my day

lewdish (very loosely) self portrait 

Luciela's Hot Boy Summer Looks! For a trans host near you

sobbing oh my god i found the perfect picrew to depict ako and nana in. and theyre husbands

Nichiya: It's so funny to see my notes next to my siblings'.

Context in image description

Nana: rombo...

alter portrait 

this is me, Yana. I feel much more comfortable in this design. I told a friend off today and it felt super good.

slight nsfw 

our alters arguing over which fantasy to have before bed:


Nyko when everyone else in the system is partying high in the headspace:

I present thee: bootleg memes with penelopius, the part of the show where penelopius comes out and makes a shitty meme

pulp fiction meme, food, 420, blood in image 

Ako, trying a throat tea blend he concocted while stoned:

anyone else at the level with their alters where y'all start labeling favorite foods as yours...

self portrait, naked but no parts showing 

hihi hiiii this is me Nana!!! this is my 7th redesign but...7th time's the charm!! this one feels most like me so far

we made a picrew of Nana bc we found this one that we feel REALLY depicts his style well

nsfw art, can be interpreted as sui 

its luciela babyyy bang bang

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