i imagine posting here n interacting with other systems is like. we (as in our system) are all sitting around a campfire, surrounded by other campfires with various amounts of people. sometimes one of us says something funny at our campfire so we shout it out to the other campfires and yall laugh or discuss at your campfires when u like or boost a post. thats how it feels like. we're all burning what we can for the fuel for our respective camps, struggling in this world, but we can joke and mingle among the camps of other systems and it's like, oh good, there are other campfires, full of their own people trying to get through the day

sorry if this doesnt make much sense we're trying to illustrate a mind-picture

@kaminohana The best online spaces feel like this, like an actual community, yeah. The campfire analogy is great (though I might be biased because I love camping).

@natrastellar hell yes im so happy this is a good sign
in our mind's eye, when things feel particularly bleak, we always had this mental image of us sitting around a campfire amid the wastes of our world, being like "well shit. what do we do from here"

@kaminohana Aww, that's really neat. We have a few places where we can just hang out and reflect and let ourselves be free to imagine the sensory experience. A tree house balcony, a sandy beach. Helps us stay a little calmer when it's rough.

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