ableism with chronic pain 

one thing i dont see in disability discussions often is how sometimes its hard to get a diagnosis of what you have causing you pain. like you literally cant afford additional testing. even with insurance, invasive tests can get RIDICULOUSLY expensive. hell at my HRT clinic alone they have a sign that says they can bill you additionally if you so much as DISCUSS a health concern unrelated to your visit.

i mean its fuuucked but i just wish people would stop acting surprised when i tell them, as im laying for several hours a day on the couch or in bed in pain, that i dont know what i have. even as its progressively getting worse. plus, working a 40 hour/week job you may not even have TIME to schedule an appointment for diagnosis, or further testing. our current system is fucked beyond belief and no its not an exaggeration.

in accommodating for disability, this cannot be dependent on a diagnosis. disability accommodations are accommodations for all, regardless of medical status.

ableism with chronic pain 

@kaminohana and even if you get all the tests done that your doctor and specialists will do, you may still end up with a diagnosis of "*shrug* we don't know what's wrong, either". chronic pain is so poorly understood, and even when universities put out articles about how this or that may cause inflammation which leads to chronic pain, the average doctor doesn't even have access to those cutting edge tests

ableism with chronic pain 

@kaminohana That's horrible.

I live in a country with universal healthcare. I even know the cause of my chronic pain: severe ME/CFS. But I still can't get a diagnosis, because doctors insist (in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary) it's "psychological" and keep gaslighting me.

Healthcare is broken in so many ways. And ableism is everywhere.

ableism with chronic pain 

@kaminohana here in aus we have the ndis, except for some people you can’t get on it because you have to have documented in date proof, and that costs money and time, two things disabled people do not have. you can’t even get refunded for assessments that you needed to get on ndis on the first place :/

ableism with chronic pain 

@kaminohana I know. Dealing with a similar thing and all they can do is increase the dose of the meds, and I don’t even have a way to talk about this thing with people because the’s no diagnosis.

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