ngl i think i need a spiritual therapist. what the fuck is going on with my chakras. the astral plane? bro idk what but there is something very empty and/or missing and i dont think its due to doubt. i believe in this stuff but its like i cant see it? at least i can feel energy in my hands but that only goes so far. i know a lot of this stuff is intuitive but even then. there's so many messages i dont know which is right. Being plural probably doesn't help.


tho if ima be real im a lot like Clancy from the midnight gospel. like thats the best way i can describe it. due to a lot of pain ive simply chosen to not take life as seriously, but i still like to engage my brain and am even enthusiastic about it! but i cant tackle my own problems bc i dont have the resources necessary to. so i just do what i can and fuck about the rest of the time. it may be incredibly obvious now what my main problem is, hahaha.

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