ETs, more spiritual discussion regarding plurality 

i wonder if having the other alters as an anchor can help more effectively communicate with ETs, considering communication is telepathic. i worry it might make it worse if switches occur, but otherwise...i think to how singlets might panic about having someone else in their mind, whereas it is a commonality in plural folk. would this make it easier to adjust? What about co-conning? Does having such a cramped brainspace make it hard for ETs to find room to speak? I highly doubt that, considering they exist on a vastly different plane. How would they feel about such a way of being? I see these topics rarely cross (except of course headmates being aliens, but im talking about external influence). Are certain ETs more compelled to such a brainspace? I think spiritual vibration may be separate from plural status, so maybe it doesn't matter at all.
Does anyone who is plural have experience with CE-5, or telepathically communicating with ETs?

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