had my first therapy session for the system, and it went great! the guy is really nice, if a little vague, but it was our first session. We get it and don't expect answers immediately lol
but yeah! He didn't say any comments that rubbed us the wrong way, which is stellar, superb, wonderful
He showed appropriate interest in us and we did get to hit on a lot of topics we wanted to talk about, as well as things we hadn't realized about ourselves! Especially when he asked how we interact with the outside, as we have a lot of internal activity
plus he showed us his dog since it was a virtual meeting so, uh, very cool

Though we both agreed that it may be early to throw on some labels, I told him about some experiences we had in extreme stress and he said that it sounds like we do dissociate. Which is nice to hear a professional opinion on, since we truly just. Don't know

He and I are realizing we can both be honest with each other in our questions and answers and it's been very helpful i think

Good times, time to do this again next week

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