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oh as a sidenote because its awkward to say "host" all the time or saying a name, I Phos the host am now going to be referred to as "OP". err, when that becomes a conflict in context we'll try to be clearer.

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Alaina (hoodie): I'm Alaina, she/her/hers. I'm just hanging 'round, taking things one at a time. I don't like people dragging me into their conflicts, yet if you need me to stand up for you, I got it. I identify as a girl but have a very androgynous style. In the head space, I have the most neutral energy, I'd guess. Sometimes a voice of reason. Xiang is my boyfriend

Penelope (sleeveless): Helloooooo! I realize I take up a lot of the headspace, hahaha. I've been around for a LONG time, and supposedly have the most development in my story? Like, I was gonna be the protag even when there wasn't one. Dilius is my other half, and I live with him! Uh, people ask what we have a lot and, um, I'm not really sure. Still figuring that out. She/her, ace, sono italiana! I love adventure, skydiving, etc. I'm friends with a lot of people and love making new ones. Oh! I also front a lot for exercising since I love to do that too. I've trained with multiple weapons and fighting styles!

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Xia (horns): I'm Xia Tang, and sometimes the people here have a tendency to make a portmanteau of it as Xiang, but I'd prefer you didn't. Or not. I don't care honestly, it's just my name. I'm big on MMORPGs, but only in the mindspace. Host doesn't play too many. If you want good memes I can at least give you that. I prefer dark and monstrous visuals and could probably make a good JRPG if the host bothered to learn the programming.

Kalteni (bunny): Heya! Nice to meet you. I'm Kalteni, but some of the others refer to me as Mrs. Kalteni, since I'm a teacher to most. These aren't just kemonomimi- I'm really a rabbit! But like, whatever you know? Fun fact: I ride a moped! But in the mindspace, you know? Not in the host's body. Not the right place for it. I'm holding the word "shit" in Italian because it WAS the right place for it. Someone you'll meet later, L.U., is my wife and I love teasing her. I tease everyone here. Also close to Kidoko, my roommate. Down to talk any time!

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Yana (blond hair): I'm Yana Rosso. My hobbies are working out, forest exploring, and brewing coffee, maybe. But listen, I don't drink it because I NEED to, unlike some people. You need to appreciate coffee, not guzzle it down like Pepto Bismol. Anyway. Valka and I are pretty close, I'd say. Like sisters. I'm a fairy but I don't like pointing it out. It's a bit of a sore subject. Dylan, who'll you'll meet later, is my best friend and if you mess with him you will get THESE FISTS!!! Valka is like my kid sister too, so don't bother her.

Valka (black hair): Hello! I'm Valka Rania, but Valka is fine! I live with Yana, and I'm doing my best to perfect my skills in magic. It's tough work, but it's what I really want to do, so I wouldn't have it any other way. I love the snow- I grew up in it! I used to be a princess but well, things didn't turn out so well. That's okay- I've come to enjoy the new life I have living with Yana. I'm Buddhist but also have a deep appreciation for Hinduism.

tho if ima be real im a lot like Clancy from the midnight gospel. like thats the best way i can describe it. due to a lot of pain ive simply chosen to not take life as seriously, but i still like to engage my brain and am even enthusiastic about it! but i cant tackle my own problems bc i dont have the resources necessary to. so i just do what i can and fuck about the rest of the time. it may be incredibly obvious now what my main problem is, hahaha.

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pluralphobia, erasure/eugenics, esp. in the medical field 

🌙 on today's episode of Medicine Doesn't Fucking Care About You, i just want to point out that all medical research about plurality is currently based on the "findings" of one man who didn't believe plurality exists and wanted to erase self identified plural people from the face of the earth

i really wish there was more pushback about this but there really isn't and that's incredibly upsetting to me

ngl i think i need a spiritual therapist. what the fuck is going on with my chakras. the astral plane? bro idk what but there is something very empty and/or missing and i dont think its due to doubt. i believe in this stuff but its like i cant see it? at least i can feel energy in my hands but that only goes so far. i know a lot of this stuff is intuitive but even then. there's so many messages i dont know which is right. Being plural probably doesn't help.


Ako: Sorry I didn't meditate last night, I was busy having a threesome with Dilius and Nana


see i always want to be accommodating to people and have a lot of friends who dont do drugs who also know very little about weed so i always feel so ashamed telling them "hey heads up i need to medicate before we meet because of my pain". i wish i could just tell them and it not mean anything. i dont even need people to be aggressively supportive of it, i just want it to be seen as a normal part of life, like taking a benadryl for allergies. sure itll make you sleepy but who cares, problems happen

real plural feels bein like
someone: itll take more than this to take me out
someone else: *crying cat emoji* no it wont please dont


oh geez, i now have a notebook for trauma reflection/mental health, alter notes, ideas, spiritual observations, translating music, and weed tracking. I still have to write one for general health. despite all this i think its actually helped me

re: ETs, plurality, lewd mention 

Nana understands fifth dimensional telepathy and Nichiya acts as a higher vibrational being who serves as a guide so like. it makes SENSE
that friend also told us ETs have an...interesting way of making love beyond the physical boundary and oh BOY Nana can say a lot about that

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ETs, plurality 

A spiritual medium friend of mine talked to us about Nana and Nichiya, the self-ascribed extraterrestrials of the system, and based on what we told her she was like "honey. those ARE ETs, not just alters"
well! we'll have to stay tuned in to the universe then

Kalteni, one of the only lesbians of the system: okay, im going to go into a deep analysis of which actor played a hotter Hannibal and Sherlock to discuss how each portrays a certain characteristic better

work gripe 

instant absolute disdain for someone the minute they say I'm "wasting their time". I promise you I'm putting in an effort to try and help/understand you, and if you say my efforts are worthless I have no desire to work with you, period. Sorry for being prideful but I will not be looked down upon in a professional environment, that's not acceptable.

Saw a men's yukata, which Ako has always wanted, and we saw it was discounted to $20 so we were like "sure, we can buy it for you, and it can be yours" and i swear ive never heard that man get so emotional in the headspace he was like

dhsbsh my Japanese is hard-coded into my subconscious, we speak it to each other in the headspace if we know the words to say


favorite audio meme is the "youre my friend now. we're having soft tacos later!"

Stimming seems like an activity that would raise vibrational energy 🤔

ETs, more spiritual discussion regarding plurality 

i wonder if having the other alters as an anchor can help more effectively communicate with ETs, considering communication is telepathic. i worry it might make it worse if switches occur, but otherwise...i think to how singlets might panic about having someone else in their mind, whereas it is a commonality in plural folk. would this make it easier to adjust? What about co-conning? Does having such a cramped brainspace make it hard for ETs to find room to speak? I highly doubt that, considering they exist on a vastly different plane. How would they feel about such a way of being? I see these topics rarely cross (except of course headmates being aliens, but im talking about external influence). Are certain ETs more compelled to such a brainspace? I think spiritual vibration may be separate from plural status, so maybe it doesn't matter at all.
Does anyone who is plural have experience with CE-5, or telepathically communicating with ETs?

Phos: Dilius....are you holding a lot of the trauma?
Dilius: Is water wet?

things i would say to the ETs: hey, have you listened to The Adventure Zone

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