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i'm being a good kinnie and making a kintype playlist on spotify

lewd mention 

counseling, financial concerns 

go away mom im watching dragon roleplays asmrs


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Amusing; Birdsite; U.S. Politics 

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why would i learn a language that doesn't have a word for vore? what else is there to talk about

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Therapy (positive) 

cookie run gripe 

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i have friends who are dragons and robots and anime characters and it's rad as fuck

the word "thermometer" has phased out of my vocabulary, and i only know it as the japanese "taionkei"

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i feel like mainstream social media has impaired a lot of peoples ability to just have a normal conversation online 

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physical illness, medication 

parents trying to control their childrens' bodies, light humor 

my spore experience thusfar:
you absolutely better believe im the kind of gamer who designs my creatures purely for aesthetic value
my brother comes up and i offhandedly mention wanting to fight an Epic in the creature stage (it's like, a random overpowered ginormous monster that walks around), so then HE'S like "you gotta go tac ops (tactical operations, acc to him)" and starts having me use specific parts for their practical value (ie poison damage, long range, etc)
and im just sitting here like "NOT....COOL MONSTER....." and this sums up my experience playing any video game with a design feature


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