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kissing mention, dream discussion (ITS SO COOL THO) Show more

kissing mention, dream discussion (ITS SO COOL THO) Show more

i finally saw lord of the rings all the way through, at an age where i can comprehend it
and i would like to say with absolute surety
i kin the fuck outta Pippin

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lyrics - Children of the Stars by The Orion Experience Show more

negative, food Show more

negative, job stuff Show more

you know? sometimes my systemmates misgender me, and sometimes we misgender each other. this is a thing that happens

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*performing a picture perfect dropkick on the gender binary*

how much of a nerd am i? im looking at neckties on etsy

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Raise your hand if you tear up telling people about how much you love your headmates

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art thou mad because mine pussy poppeth severely, and thine doth not

- shakespeare

lewd in anime Show more

i feel like every time i give advice, it's just me rolling a d20. sometimes, didnt think my advice was that good, and someone is like "oh my god, youre totally right. wow" and other times i carefully piece together what i think is the best package for someone and they immediately refute me like. that's life homey. everything i do is a skill check and i have proficiency in n o t h i n g

who up in here has been personally attacked by their systemmate absolutely calling out their bull

spring allergies (both asking and giving advice) Show more

me, leaning up to a microphone, addressing my interviewers in an asmr whisper voice: r e j e c t m e

negative but also kinda funny, taz Show more

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