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Alaina (hoodie): I'm Alaina, she/her/hers. I'm just hanging 'round, taking things one at a time. I don't like people dragging me into their conflicts, yet if you need me to stand up for you, I got it. I identify as a girl but have a very androgynous style. In the head space, I have the most neutral energy, I'd guess. Sometimes a voice of reason. Xiang is my boyfriend

Penelope (sleeveless): Helloooooo! I realize I take up a lot of the headspace, hahaha. I've been around for a LONG time, and supposedly have the most development in my story? Like, I was gonna be the protag even when there wasn't one. Dilius is my other half, and I live with him! Uh, people ask what we have a lot and, um, I'm not really sure. Still figuring that out. She/her, ace, sono italiana! I love adventure, skydiving, etc. I'm friends with a lot of people and love making new ones. Oh! I also front a lot for exercising since I love to do that too. I've trained with multiple weapons and fighting styles!

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Xia (horns): I'm Xia Tang, and sometimes the people here have a tendency to make a portmanteau of it as Xiang, but I'd prefer you didn't. Or not. I don't care honestly, it's just my name. I'm big on MMORPGs, but only in the mindspace. Host doesn't play too many. If you want good memes I can at least give you that. I prefer dark and monstrous visuals and could probably make a good JRPG if the host bothered to learn the programming.

Kalteni (bunny): Heya! Nice to meet you. I'm Kalteni, but some of the others refer to me as Mrs. Kalteni, since I'm a teacher to most. These aren't just kemonomimi- I'm really a rabbit! But like, whatever you know? Fun fact: I ride a moped! But in the mindspace, you know? Not in the host's body. Not the right place for it. I'm holding the word "shit" in Italian because it WAS the right place for it. Someone you'll meet later, L.U., is my wife and I love teasing her. I tease everyone here. Also close to Kidoko, my roommate. Down to talk any time!

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Yana (blond hair): I'm Yana Rosso. My hobbies are working out, forest exploring, and brewing coffee, maybe. But listen, I don't drink it because I NEED to, unlike some people. You need to appreciate coffee, not guzzle it down like Pepto Bismol. Anyway. Valka and I are pretty close, I'd say. Like sisters. I'm a fairy but I don't like pointing it out. It's a bit of a sore subject. Dylan, who'll you'll meet later, is my best friend and if you mess with him you will get THESE FISTS!!! Valka is like my kid sister too, so don't bother her.

Valka (black hair): Hello! I'm Valka Rania, but Valka is fine! I live with Yana, and I'm doing my best to perfect my skills in magic. It's tough work, but it's what I really want to do, so I wouldn't have it any other way. I love the snow- I grew up in it! I used to be a princess but well, things didn't turn out so well. That's okay- I've come to enjoy the new life I have living with Yana. I'm Buddhist but also have a deep appreciation for Hinduism.

420, lewd humor 

decided to make an ahegao doodle while high as a joke and ended up taking it seriously
and ive done probably one of my better ones yet but now i have a drawing of these two fusions of ours raw-doggin it titled "Komaeda Tossing Mike Wazowski's Kale." sure, this is going to be wild ride to revisit in the morning

that said...if anyone wants to see 👀

excited caps, food in name 

oh THATS why there was delay in release
holy shit this far exceeded my expectations

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excited caps, food in name 


i started watchin Sanrio Boys and I thought it was gonna be shameless product promotion and tho it is the STORY behind it is actually really good and its got some progressive ideas goin on, im taking it seriously and really like it!

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coining plural terminology 

Apodysphoria: distress at the mismatch or incongruence between what a system member looks like and what the body itself looks like.

(Apo- means 'away' or 'from')

"having a body/identity that is somewhere away from the body you're inhabiting, currently. Whether that's in a headspace, another world or just your strong sense that you should have this other body that's "elsewhere"." -@monsterblue

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Want to pick up some new books? Don't want to go out? ALSO don't want to support Amazon?

I just found out about, which is an online retailer supporting independent bookstores in the US. If there's a specific shop you want to support, you can choose to have all the money from your order go directly to that shop, otherwise it will go into a pool to be spread evenly among bookstores (even ones which don't use the site themselves). The site has all kinds of really good and helpful information on how exactly it works.

Currently they're US-only but it sounds like they're trying to expand.

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lets go back to a bygone age where the only memes were demotivational posters

many of us are non-binary simply because we never developed with a strong enough attachment to gender. -Dilius

meanwhile others of us are like "i dont care enough to contest my binary gender honestly", so gender is just kinda. There. So we're not attached to it but we have no problem with it so here we are. But like, in my case, my lesbian identity means more to me than my gender as female

Miyukiomi: hello all,
if you need some words of love,
just stop by. im a mother (not the host), so i can offer some motherly love if need be
i dont judge, it's not embarrassing or desperate to ask for love
we come from different backgrounds, we cant take for granted what others never had, or need some more of

I'll offer what i can if youre willing :ms_growing_heart:

not to be TOO rosy on main but who thinks of having a ragtag team of people with whom you just live with but you all cooperate for each other's good, help each other out, do household tasks for each other, and otherwise work together to support everyone as a group and yall are there for each other

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whomst else up in here fantasizes about supporting a found family

she got another redux
shes our 9 year ol quetzelcoatl
the child of the group
wanted to make her more....made in abyss style? in the monstrous way

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the magnus archives, but it's just magnus burnsides excitedly telling you anecdotes about dogs he's met and cool furniture he's made

food, knights templar, the crusades

this is the funniest goddamn thing ive read about oreos

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A TF trope I want to see more of: Finding out that your transformation wasn’t from a curse being put on you but a curse being lifted off you.

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it appears that horny on main. oh no. o̟̥͜h no͙ ̜̞͡th̴̺̘͖̼̻̲e̬̩̭̥̪ ̦͕̲̫̤̩͜f̙̟a̗̖̩͜b̰̪̺ṟ̵̜͓͍̦̭i͓̰̲̩͈c̩̙̥̲̬͎̦͡ ̟̙̳̯̙̰͘o̷̲̣̖͈͔͍̝f̝͚̰͡ͅ ̠̯̝̤r̛̩̹e̘̟̯͎̻̕a̲͎̭̫̬̗͘ͅl̰̯i̞͖t̡͍y͔̮̮̯̪̺͕ ̖̲͓̘͠i҉̬̠͙s̥͔̞̣̖ ̵t͔e̳à͇̮̠̯͙̝r̰͉͖͔̙͖̲͡i̫̗͕n̯͖̦̣̺̙̺g̭̝̯͎͙̻ ̤̬̤̹̭à͔p̻̹̰͠a̞̻̯̯̬̝r͇̩͔̟̗̝̘t͉̳̞̱͎̳̝

clowns, lewdish, negative family stuff (wow what a combo) 

all this time of my family tellin me I look like a clown, im acting like a clown, over and over,
and now im a clownfucker and thats their problem now

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I want you to leave the first comment on a fanfic, the first boost of an art post, the first review of an app. I want you to DM people just to say you like their work.

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I want you to watch, listen, read, appreciate art that's genuinely unheard-of. I want you to play games on in itchio and watch videos with less than a thousand views. I want you to buy an album from someone who might have never made money on their music.
It's such a unique and deep experience to connect to art like this, and it's even better to reach out to the artists and let them know

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