okcupid adventures:
saw someone i know, saw someone into goblins AND dragons, saw someone rlly cute also into cosplay and dance. feelin better about okcupid prospects than job prospects

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Gonna get a tatoo on my forehead tjat says 'you aren't allowed to be rude to me'

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im so excited i connected with my best friend from middle school! oh the years

is letting each of them make a character in Pastel Girl

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Us: *just got here.*
Everyone around us: "Yeah, Mastodon is fucked and anyway-"
Us: "Wtf?" 👀​

I love Gobta so much but there is so little fan content of him,, why this he's a good gob

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ny'alls favorite vines? (systemmates included if they have one)

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funny story: when i front, my animals REALIZE it. they act differently around me. sometimes, the tulpa acts as I normally act, but SOMEHOW my animals can still tell. it's actually a little freaky. i know animals are more....attuned than we are in ways, but this is just. wow

someone on r/tulpas did a demographics poll (sites.google.com/site/tulpacen) and it's pretty wicked
im surprised at what communities tulpamancers affiliate with. so many from 4/8chan, very odd to consider.

RT though why isnt there a general otherkin/fictionkin instance??

i'm still trying to get the hang of instances- im only currently in one other one. scrolled through the list, and honestly im just not sure what to join! what would be too vague? what would be full of people accepting of weird identities? but im so glad plural.cafe exists, because it means a lot to develop this side of myself that i never really exposed to the internet.

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btw friends, my synthpop ep is finally on spotify and all those other online retailers! please give it a listen and consider buying a copy! <3

@backwardsflow there's a job listing in my area called "Software Validation Engineer" and all i can think of is going up to you and saying "ur valid"

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