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oh as a sidenote because its awkward to say "host" all the time or saying a name, I Phos the host am now going to be referred to as "OP". err, when that becomes a conflict in context we'll try to be clearer.

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Alaina (hoodie): I'm Alaina, she/her/hers. I'm just hanging 'round, taking things one at a time. I don't like people dragging me into their conflicts, yet if you need me to stand up for you, I got it. I identify as a girl but have a very androgynous style. In the head space, I have the most neutral energy, I'd guess. Sometimes a voice of reason. Xiang is my boyfriend

Penelope (sleeveless): Helloooooo! I realize I take up a lot of the headspace, hahaha. I've been around for a LONG time, and supposedly have the most development in my story? Like, I was gonna be the protag even when there wasn't one. Dilius is my other half, and I live with him! Uh, people ask what we have a lot and, um, I'm not really sure. Still figuring that out. She/her, ace, sono italiana! I love adventure, skydiving, etc. I'm friends with a lot of people and love making new ones. Oh! I also front a lot for exercising since I love to do that too. I've trained with multiple weapons and fighting styles!

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Xia (horns): I'm Xia Tang, and sometimes the people here have a tendency to make a portmanteau of it as Xiang, but I'd prefer you didn't. Or not. I don't care honestly, it's just my name. I'm big on MMORPGs, but only in the mindspace. Host doesn't play too many. If you want good memes I can at least give you that. I prefer dark and monstrous visuals and could probably make a good JRPG if the host bothered to learn the programming.

Kalteni (bunny): Heya! Nice to meet you. I'm Kalteni, but some of the others refer to me as Mrs. Kalteni, since I'm a teacher to most. These aren't just kemonomimi- I'm really a rabbit! But like, whatever you know? Fun fact: I ride a moped! But in the mindspace, you know? Not in the host's body. Not the right place for it. I'm holding the word "shit" in Italian because it WAS the right place for it. Someone you'll meet later, L.U., is my wife and I love teasing her. I tease everyone here. Also close to Kidoko, my roommate. Down to talk any time!

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Yana (blond hair): I'm Yana Rosso. My hobbies are working out, forest exploring, and brewing coffee, maybe. But listen, I don't drink it because I NEED to, unlike some people. You need to appreciate coffee, not guzzle it down like Pepto Bismol. Anyway. Valka and I are pretty close, I'd say. Like sisters. I'm a fairy but I don't like pointing it out. It's a bit of a sore subject. Dylan, who'll you'll meet later, is my best friend and if you mess with him you will get THESE FISTS!!! Valka is like my kid sister too, so don't bother her.

Valka (black hair): Hello! I'm Valka Rania, but Valka is fine! I live with Yana, and I'm doing my best to perfect my skills in magic. It's tough work, but it's what I really want to do, so I wouldn't have it any other way. I love the snow- I grew up in it! I used to be a princess but well, things didn't turn out so well. That's okay- I've come to enjoy the new life I have living with Yana. I'm Buddhist but also have a deep appreciation for Hinduism.

i personally feel very privileged in that one of my clients saw my dragon halloween costume and then referred to me as "the dragon"

damn fucking right i am

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would love to see a chemical chart of our brain as switching occurs
just curious to see wtf is goin on

to describe my life as a whole in metaphor: i buy fabric and notions and patterns and then i dont make anything with them and now the fabric just builds up and builds up

So, very weird thing to say, but i think some of you may understand the experience with alters,

but Nichiya found her personality the other day! like it finally erupted forth unhindered

ok cool ahsoka debuted in the mandalorian, now i can show my halloween cosplay to scrubs and theyll recognize her


funniest side effect of shrooms, imo, is yawning. like, what.
it was so weird to yawn without being tired
like, ya surroundings are bending and warping and its like

does anyone have any resources on plurality/osdd/DID and escapism? in case anyone wrote about how those two may or may not be related

my subconscious: are you pondering what im pondering?
me: that we're never going to get this work done if we keep this up???

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me @ my subconscious: can we just push through to get this work done
my subconscious: no, we're going to think about Pinky & the Brain now

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the host at the beginning of nanowrimo: im gonna write doug fanfic
ako and nana, shortly after: we're officially ceasing the means of production, you are writing about Us now, here's 13k words

eagerly awaiting the holiday season when i can break out the yaoi parody tunes

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No, sir, I don't pop my bussy at you, sir.

But I do pop my bussy, sir.

suicide in song, youtube link 

im not fucking kidding with this vocaloid classic:

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nothing like hearing a recent cover of a song youve known for 10+ years that is now your favorite cover

sometimes me translating japanese is just "i know what each of these characters means separately, so im gonna guess what putting them together means"

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