Amusing coworker gossip, why isn't this fucker unemployed yet? 

@Eeveecraft We're a tulpa system, just don't tend to blab about origins and whatnot. Always down to see how others went about their own process tho.


Advent of Code, being better at it than the everything-phobe we work with 

re: computer stuff, possibly disney's fault, long 

re: computer stuff, possibly disney's fault, long 

computer stuff, possibly disney's fault, long 

picrew, ec, long 

tarot, new deck 

Bravely Second 

Capitalist bullshit, angry 

Today in personal trans happenings(~), depressed sarcasm 

ffxiv nonsense, all the effort 

xiv-posting, so much effort, mild 60+ warrior questline spoilers is one of our favorite sites, and will always induce multiple belly laughs.

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Food, arbitrary scoring system, nonsense 

ffxiv nonsense, character screenshot, no ec 

Outer Worlds, minor spoilers, silly 

We got a fresh jpop album delivered this evening, and are once again in aural bliss.

It's "infinite synthesis 5" from fripSide. Literally only released on Monday and yeeted halfway round the world to reach our ears today.

Happy Halloween we guess?

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(as a side note, it came w/ a dvd of live concert of infinite synthesis 4, and we are all pleased I had the foresight years ago to de-region my computer's dvd drive)

pronouns, cis strangeness, most definitely a poop toot 

Dear cis folk: (pronoun bullshit) 

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