food, picture of food 

Today in "going grocery shopping w/ basically no plan other than 'obtain food'" we present: This taco we made.

Took one of those pre-flavor-ized pork tenderloins, some radishes, and cilantro. Used the radish greens too, cause they're tasy just like the root bit. Quick pickled some of the radishes, left others not-pickled, put it all in a corn tortilla, and had one heck of a tasty meal.


ffxiv, doing the gameing 

Love being the tank in one of the lvl 80 dungeons, and having a healer who not only encourages you to absolutely max pull (especially w/ the Sahagin Summoners at the end of Anamnesis), but is also so confident in their abilities and yours that they actively fuck w/ your hp.

(I actually do enjoy that, this is not sarcastic, max pulls (pulling as many enemies as you can before the design of the dungeon prevents you from progressing) are one of the most fun things in the game for any role if your group is average or better).


We're just two lesbians and a literal void sharing a (theoretically male) body, so literally anyone who looks at us is gay.

I don't make the rules.


D&D, nonsense, who let me play as Cleric? 

As a Tempest Cleric in 5e, it is your sworn duty to burn most of your spells on big flashy lightning damage before you get to the boss, then pull out Spiritual Weapon as your last spell slot.

The faster things die, the less you need to worry about your party taking damage. Its common sense.

Don't worry, the Paladin can handle keeping people alive, and you have a cantrip to make sure people don't actually really die.


gameing, Torchlight 3 

The Railmaster in Torchlight 3 is properly absurd. You literally trail a little train behind you that shoots stuff / provides other bonuses.

Also helps that the "female" model for the class is very "tuff girl" and non-"traditionally feminine".

We've now trialed all four classes, and our reviews are as follows:

Dusk Mage: weak as shit early on, but if you can manage to deal w/ the mana management issues for long enough, has a decent chance to get powerful

Sharpshooter: you shoot stuff, some times in aoe. Also you can roll a giant ball of rats at your enemies at lvl 2, so bonus points for flair.

That-robot-class: its a robot, therefor genderless, which is a bonus. boring af otherwise.

Railmaster: see above, glorious, 10/10 would play w/ trains again.


English, nonsense, cognito-hazard 

If you use a contraction in the middle of a sentence, everything after it must be contracted into it.


  • You all haven't seen nothing yet. =>
    • You all haven't's'nth'ng't.
    • Extra bonus round: =>
    • Y'all'n't's'nth'ng't.

gameing, Torchlight III 

Torchlight III Early Access is...... very early. Like, maybe they shoulda put a few more months into the "hmmm, i wonder why this dead critter continues playing all of its not-dead animations" department.

However, it is Torchlight, and thusly gives me the warm fuzzies having spent soooo much time on both the original and Torchlight 2.


re: webdev, code blabs, complete nonsense, dripping with sarcasm 

saw the 20th layer of hell today. basically just like the 12th, but gayer somehow?

web-components + IE11 + marginal polyfills + a css framework that really hates playing nice w/ existing css is just...........................


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webdev, code blabs, complete nonsense, dripping with sarcasm 

spent all afternoon trying to convince an angular web-component to inject its styles into the shadow-dom of the react web-component i was putting it in instead of in the root head tag where it couldn't see its styles cause it was inside a shadow root

i lost

im pretty sure i opened a portal at one point to the 12th layer of the christian "hell" while i was at it. just a bunch of queer people fucking w/ abandon (or not fucking, as they saw fit), seemed pretty great tbh


During this three day weekend, the three of us have been watching a lot of movies together, intentionally, and I'ma just say "this is good".


nonsense, internal shenanigans, not the usual tooter 

I would like to point out that ~2 weeks ago :ms_coyote:​ was content with jeans and being fuzzy everywhere.

~1 week ago, they were patiently waiting for skirt/shaving supplies to arrive.

~4 days ago they started going hardcore into wearing a skirt.

Yesterday they shaved the body's legs.

We have a theorem, which states that for every day spent in quarantine, a person's gayness increases by 1. This applies to everyone.

Obviously, there are those who are so anti-gay that their increased GayScore™️ can't overcome their BigotryScore™️. But for the rest of the world, a bright gay future awaits us!


(Also Hi! We don't post much, but The Triumvirate is doing fine!)

Vague-ish, a big deal for us 



The past two-ish hours were a very fruitful experiment, but I've cursed us for the rest of our lives


We get to enjoy being smooth below the belt for a couple of hours, and then everything goes back to "normal"



We made chicken tika masala. It is delicious, and also not for the spice averse.

It deviated from the recipe in the following ways:
1) spice x4 (ish) (probably) (recipe said 2 tsp of X, we just sorta tipped the jar in and called it "close enough")
2) has the mystery ultra-hot sauce from local Greek restaurant, cause we had it and we could (it's spicy af)
3) instead of heavy cream (which we did not have) it has a splash of vanilla almond milk ("close enough")
4) used store brand Rotel tomatoes (tomatoes + chili's) instead of "just tomatoes" (cause spice is bae)

We shall eat well for the next week.


Yesterday our skirt came in the mail (body is amab). Today we're wearing a skirt at work (we're working from home, so nobody knows, but 🤷).

🐰 and :ms_cat_grin:​ are loving it. I'm convinced it's just pants they forgot to cut/sew up the middle, but I am enjoying disregarding "gender norms" so there's that. (doing a twirl is also fun)


We can't believe it's taken me this long to actually get into "Torment: Tides of Numenera"


apparent dysphoria mention, video games and whatnot, long, bit of a rant 

Picked up Dragon's Dogma cause friends won't shut up about it.

Knew it was an rpg w/ customizable character.

Still didn't prepare for the inevitable "wuts ur gender" question.


Oddly tho, once I get past the obligatory "wuts in ur pants" question (which, tbh? it'd be way less dysphoria inducing if it were phrased like that 🤷) the equipment /pronouns of the player character ceases to matter to me.

I play an Au Ra girl in FFXIV because I made that character long before I knew I was agender, and I just preferred the aesthetics. Pretty sure the game occasionally sneaks in a "she/her" just to make sure I remember (hard to forget, given that my glams tend to take advantage of the shape and expose the bellybutton/etc)

TL;DR; RPG CharGen inevitably gives me dysphoria, and I hate it.


  • :ms_coyote:

pokemon, internet nonsense lists 

We found one of those stupid internet lists that was "Which Fairy-type Pokemon are you based on Zodiac sign"

I'm Alolan Ninetails, which is perfect, cause Alolan Ninetails is best pokemon ever! - :ms_coyote:

I'm apparently Galarian Rapidash which is cool? - :ms_cat_smile:

And I'm..... Hatterene? Which is..... neat??? I dunno, we didn't really like most of the new SwSh pokemon..... - 🐰

In exciting news today, the homophobic, transphobic, -phobic, racist, toxic, "Christian", human-shaped pile of shit who worked at the same company as me for the past 2 years got canned.


He only hasn't been allowed to even pair w/ women for the past year (at least).

:ms_rainbow_flag: :ms_shooting_star: :ms_nonbinary_flag: :ms_agender_flag::ms_rainbow:


ffxiv, sadness, very much snark 

I'm turning into one of Those Healers, who basically gives up on unintelligent party members and ceases to provide them w/ heals.


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