tech-ish blabbings, alcohol pic/mention 

xivposting, one of the most effort things one can do in the game 

picrew, ec, long 

ffxiv nonsense, character screenshot, no ec 

pokemon, tamagotchi, cuteness overload 

Friend on FFXIV is being super amazing about pronouns and im just like

Bard is now the official Final Fantasy XIV class of non-binary folk, cis people aren't allowed. I don't make the rules, just look at the feather on my hat 🤷

painted fingernails closeup, mh(~) 

Just three pals waiting for a wedding to kick into high gear (I'm the cute one on the left)

The three genders: Gigi, Gidget, and Goose (from left to right)

adorable cg enby catperson, eye contact? 

His name is Goose and he is A Good Boy. He's also an idiot, but idiocy and being A Good Boy are not mutually exclusive in dogs.

This is Dash, one of my parent's cats. His interests include sleeping, being large, and shedding literally everywhere. He also literally came right over to me and hasn't left for an hour, so he can apparently tell I'm recently enby and is trying to give warm fuzzy support.

#gameing, Dragon Quest XI 

2d image of 3d headmate, mild body horror (?) 

classical geomancy, javascript, react-js 

alcohol, drug-adjacent, work 

Coffee, coffee tools 

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