ffxiv, limsa chat entirely out of context 

every once in a while, Limsa chat isn't a complete dumpster fire

doing silly things in FFXIV, complete nonsense 

Doing maps w/ free company in a full party (8 people).

Maps don't actually scale that well to a full party, so when you get more than 5 people you can start ignoring things...... Like healing........

So we had 7 DNC + a WAR. Here's a screenshot of my buffs at one point. Guess which one I was. (Technically there's a few in there that're a dead giveaway if you play, but 🀷)


food, picture of food 

Today in "going grocery shopping w/ basically no plan other than 'obtain food'" we present: This taco we made.

Took one of those pre-flavor-ized pork tenderloins, some radishes, and cilantro. Used the radish greens too, cause they're tasy just like the root bit. Quick pickled some of the radishes, left others not-pickled, put it all in a corn tortilla, and had one heck of a tasty meal.


re: webdev, code blabs, complete nonsense, dripping with sarcasm 

saw the 20th layer of hell today. basically just like the 12th, but gayer somehow?

web-components + IE11 + marginal polyfills + a css framework that really hates playing nice w/ existing css is just...........................


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pokemon, internet nonsense lists 

We found one of those stupid internet lists that was "Which Fairy-type Pokemon are you based on Zodiac sign"

I'm Alolan Ninetails, which is perfect, cause Alolan Ninetails is best pokemon ever! - :ms_coyote:​

I'm apparently Galarian Rapidash which is cool? - :ms_cat_smile:​

And I'm..... Hatterene? Which is..... neat??? I dunno, we didn't really like most of the new SwSh pokemon..... - 🐰

tech-ish blabbings, alcohol pic/mention 

Coworker's friend had a part break on their turntable, coworker asked at work if I could maybe attempt to 3d print the part as a replacement (I have a resin printer).

Coworker sweetened the deal by convincing his friend to hand over some beers as payment.

I 100% was not expecting these gems to land on my desk today (and I found a pre-made .stl for the part in question, so I don't even really have to expend effort).


xivposting, one of the most effort things one can do in the game 

We have achieved both Soul of War and Soul of Magic. All 17 "real" jobs are level 80. We calculated the total xp required, accounting for some jobs not starting at 1, and Summoner/Scholar sharing an XP pool, and came up w/ 5.3 Billion (that's 9 0's for our European friends). Which..... is a lot.


picrew, ec, long 

We finally decided to screw around w/ picrew in an attempt to get some hard visual references for Marcy and Witch. We have to disable both the uBlock we use in the browser, and the piHole on our network to convince the site to work is why we've not jumped on the band wagon earlier.

Turns out its also damn near impossible to capture either of the ladies accurately via that medium to begin w/, but here's our best attempt. :ms_coyote:​

:ms_cat_grin:​ I dunno, I still think mine is too "nyah" to really be me. The coloration is pretty accurate tho, and I like the collar.

🐰 Mine, on the other hand, didn't even have an option for carbuncle ears. Took hours just to find one that'd let us do "odd eyes" and ears at the same time. Eye color is wrong tho (the right eye should match my hair), and of course the color of both the ears and the tail, and the shape of the ears is totally wrong too..... /sigh. I do like my expression and outfit tho.

ffxiv nonsense, character screenshot, no ec 

1) We're most definitely going to move to Il Mheg. Or Norvrandt in general. The entire population of The First appears to just know that singular they is a valid deal, and use it w/o question for those to whom it applies.

2) We got our 2B glam this evening, so enjoy a screenshot:

pokemon, tamagotchi, cuteness overload 

Witness this image of our beautiful children living their best life. Witness it!

I may be nearly 31 years old, but I will absolutely play with tamagotchi, etc, until the day I leave this plane of existence.

- :coyote:​

Friend on FFXIV is being super amazing about pronouns and im just like

Bard is now the official Final Fantasy XIV class of non-binary folk, cis people aren't allowed. I don't make the rules, just look at the feather on my hat 🀷

painted fingernails closeup, mh(~) 

Welp, this picture was taken mere moments before we left for work for the day, and now I'm surrounded by cishet folk for another 7 hours. Also, decided to wear a shirt that spells "non-binary" in binary. 🀷

Just three pals waiting for a wedding to kick into high gear (I'm the cute one on the left)

The three genders: Gigi, Gidget, and Goose (from left to right)

adorable cg enby catperson, eye contact? 

Absolutely love how androgynous FFXIV lets you make a character. Sure, it took some tweaking, and i'd enjoy the outfit more w/ less boobage, but damn, I'm cute (in FFXIV)

His name is Goose and he is A Good Boy. He's also an idiot, but idiocy and being A Good Boy are not mutually exclusive in dogs.

This is Dash, one of my parent's cats. His interests include sleeping, being large, and shedding literally everywhere. He also literally came right over to me and hasn't left for an hour, so he can apparently tell I'm recently enby and is trying to give warm fuzzy support.

#gameing, Dragon Quest XI 

Bought the game, honestly haven't played a Dragon Quest since Dragon Warrior Monsters II on the GameBoy Color.

Completely forgot that monsters can (and frequently will) be silly and just goof off in the middle of a fight.

Makes it even better when its fully animated, instead of just text.

Pretty sure this is also Cer's first 100% legit, old school, turn based JRPG, and it's magnificent.

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