very niche gameing nerdery, some caps 

So, apparently the Gothic series was yet another thing that THQNordic obtained way back when.


Like, I've honestly only played Gothic 1/2/3 for a combined 3 hours maybe, cause they're old, punishing, and have terrible controls. ArcaniA (technically G4, but w/ a different name) I sunk days into (and is how I learned of the Gothic series).

Just finished the Gothic Playable Preview, and holy hell. It's like all the best bits of ArcaniA, but even better.


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re: very niche gameing nerdery, some caps 

@kaiyote Gothic 1 used to be our absolute favorite video game for ages. Somehow we lost our ability to tolerate all the bugs when we got older tho x)

We're so looking forward to that reboot!

🌀 🌑

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