gameing, Torchlight 3 

The Railmaster in Torchlight 3 is properly absurd. You literally trail a little train behind you that shoots stuff / provides other bonuses.

Also helps that the "female" model for the class is very "tuff girl" and non-"traditionally feminine".

We've now trialed all four classes, and our reviews are as follows:

Dusk Mage: weak as shit early on, but if you can manage to deal w/ the mana management issues for long enough, has a decent chance to get powerful

Sharpshooter: you shoot stuff, some times in aoe. Also you can roll a giant ball of rats at your enemies at lvl 2, so bonus points for flair.

That-robot-class: its a robot, therefor genderless, which is a bonus. boring af otherwise.

Railmaster: see above, glorious, 10/10 would play w/ trains again.


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