webdev, code blabs, complete nonsense, dripping with sarcasm 

spent all afternoon trying to convince an angular web-component to inject its styles into the shadow-dom of the react web-component i was putting it in instead of in the root head tag where it couldn't see its styles cause it was inside a shadow root

i lost

im pretty sure i opened a portal at one point to the 12th layer of the christian "hell" while i was at it. just a bunch of queer people fucking w/ abandon (or not fucking, as they saw fit), seemed pretty great tbh


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re: webdev, code blabs, complete nonsense, dripping with sarcasm 

saw the 20th layer of hell today. basically just like the 12th, but gayer somehow?

web-components + IE11 + marginal polyfills + a css framework that really hates playing nice w/ existing css is just...........................


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