nonsense, internal shenanigans, not the usual tooter 

I would like to point out that ~2 weeks ago :ms_coyote:​ was content with jeans and being fuzzy everywhere.

~1 week ago, they were patiently waiting for skirt/shaving supplies to arrive.

~4 days ago they started going hardcore into wearing a skirt.

Yesterday they shaved the body's legs.

We have a theorem, which states that for every day spent in quarantine, a person's gayness increases by 1. This applies to everyone.

Obviously, there are those who are so anti-gay that their increased GayScore™️ can't overcome their BigotryScore™️. But for the rest of the world, a bright gay future awaits us!


(Also Hi! We don't post much, but The Triumvirate is doing fine!)

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