apparent dysphoria mention, video games and whatnot, long, bit of a rant 

Picked up Dragon's Dogma cause friends won't shut up about it.

Knew it was an rpg w/ customizable character.

Still didn't prepare for the inevitable "wuts ur gender" question.


Oddly tho, once I get past the obligatory "wuts in ur pants" question (which, tbh? it'd be way less dysphoria inducing if it were phrased like that 🤷) the equipment /pronouns of the player character ceases to matter to me.

I play an Au Ra girl in FFXIV because I made that character long before I knew I was agender, and I just preferred the aesthetics. Pretty sure the game occasionally sneaks in a "she/her" just to make sure I remember (hard to forget, given that my glams tend to take advantage of the shape and expose the bellybutton/etc)

TL;DR; RPG CharGen inevitably gives me dysphoria, and I hate it.


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