Food, arbitrary scoring system, nonsense 

Learned about omurice today, and promptly made it via random recipe we found online.

We shall now rate it on various arbitrary factors

  • Effort: 0/10. Took four pans going at once to make it, so much cleanup.
  • Value: pretty high. Some eggs, some rice, some ketchup, various other sauces. Can be made pretty cheap.
  • Size: huge. the recipe claimed to be for 1. That one person must be 8 feet tall. This thing was massive. Will cut in half in the future.
  • Taste: Super tasty. The sauce in top was just ketchup, Worcestershire, and honey. Maximum tang.Overall: 6/11. We'd rate it higher, but the size/effort ratings really brought it down.


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re: Food, arbitrary scoring system, nonsense 

@kaiyote OMG saaame! I love omurice, and people try and dumb it down as just fried rice in an omelette, but it's soooo much moooore. But it's so good. So good

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