ff14, video game character death mention 

Being forced to dust off my tanks and healers to get another 180 commendations before next year so I can meet the new requirements for mentor.

I'm not a super fan of either (lifetime Black Mage here), but Warrior is at least entertaining? And amusingly resilient?

Never actually did a max pull (all the mobs until ur forced to stop in a dungeon) before tonight, but did it in both runs and nobody died? At least during the pulls? People kept dying in bosses, but that's cause they ate AOEs they could've avoided and ain't nothing I can do about that 🤷 (at least until lvl 68).

- :ms_coyote:

(also, fantasia'd away from Au'Ra to the most adorable lalafell possible, since having a video game character that looked almost exactly like 🐰 was messing with us)

(pics of the maximum adorable lalafell available upon request)

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