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[ hugs are now a mandatory daily occurrence in our brain. I have spoken! ]

work-ish happenings, ~ 

I decided it'd be a good idea to submit a talk to a conference.

the conference decided that talk was worth having.

now I have 99 days to actually write that talk.



meanwhile in work-land 

we've literally been communicating to all the Business People™ for months now that Sunday would be when not only everything finally aligns on the correct green, but the site-wide nav would be actually sorta pretty

today, 90% of all the Business People™ had a Business Panic™ because this was the one time they decided to listen to us telling them this



Spun up an alt to go through the whole-ass FFXIV storyline again, proper-like, without all the fancy levels and gear.

We just cleared The Vault, and lemme tell you, that shit still hits you right in the feels :ms_crying:

(also re-worked ARR is definitely shorter, but still a slog)


work, sarcasm, - 

Absolutely love doing 5 total coding challenges, 3 of which were live, and 4 hour-long interviews only to get the final wrap up interview cancelled the morning of because they've "decided not to continue with my application".

Really enjoy wasting all that time, and of course getting absolutely no real reason why.

Really pumps up my sense of self esteem/self worth to think everything's going swimmingly and then abruptly fall off.

10/10. Would interview forever again.


medical hardware nonsense, silly 

In today's mail, we were yeeted (literally, they overnighted this) a replacement battery cap for our insulin pump.

Which we've not used in over 4 months now (upgraded to a new pump from a different company).

Also we complained about the terrible battery cap being "broken" I think over 2 years ago now. (the positive terminal is literally just clipped to the underside of the screw cap via some very soft plastic which has a tendency to shear off, we ended up having to gorilla glue the thing back in place).

I would've absolutely cackled if they'd have yeeted a whole-ass replacement pump at us (because again, upgraded to a new pump from a different company, so that would've just been sunk cost for them).

Also, pretty sure at this point we've informed, directly, with our voice, at least 2 different people from different departments of the company that we don't use their thing anymore, so clearly they have 12 different unconnected systems with 13 different sources of truth for things.


xiv angry, doing a swear 

this fucking bird must needs fucking die already (P3S is a terrible fight and we hate it)


We've now run the current 24-person raid in XIV as every job that is eligible to run it.

We've also learned that WAR is best* tank, WHM is best* healer, and SMN is best* dps.

*least brain power required in any combat scenario

(DRK, SGE, and RPR are close seconds)


food mention, alcohol mention 

it was decided yesterday that it was Chili Season™️. Thusly chili was made, and as is our custom, a random IPA was thrown in in place of water, both because alcohol is a flavor carrier and also because it adds that "je ne sais quoi".

The Great Chili Encookening 2022 was a success.


pokemon plushie eye contact 

Hi, hello, this magnificent boi now lives on our bed.

we have just been informed that a rather large Arcanine plushie will arrive at our place of residence tomorrow.

we are very excite.


xiv babblings 

all i've learned from the past 3 months of attempting 6.x's Savage tier w/ some friends is that that damn Phoinix can bite me, and I hate all birds now (P3S is the worst fight ever, both in color scheme (all orange) and mechanics (fucken super tight windows to move))


making computers do things by whispering incantations at a magic rock 

me staring at this 3 year old repo: who the frick wrote this trash, i want their name, rank and serial number

me looking at the git history for this 3 year old repo: oh, it me, past-me strikes again i see


even further xiv babblings 

:ms_coyote:​: definitely maining Sage this expac, mmhmm, yep, yes indeed
that one meme w/ the male appearing individual walking w/ his presumably-date but eyeing another person, the date is labeled "Sage", the other person is labeled "Black Mage"
:ms_coyote:​: yep, definitely Sage all the way

PSA: dragons in xiv are canonically enby/agender and use whatever pronouns they damn well please. Vritra confirms this in the latest patch.


xiv babbling 

new XIV dungeon is a direct reference to a zone from FFXI (Ruins of Alzadaal, honestly even a lot of the textures look like upscaled versions of FFXI's, and its underwater, w/ the weird energy windows and junk), and the new raid is exceptionally fun, and basically guarantees you an unhealthy majority of the comms if you go healer and also don't die


programming gripes 

upgraded a thing at work from spring 2.3 to 2.6, worked fine locally all the tests passed, but in real-ish envs the second 2 different users hit it a couple times it ran out of memory.....

guess that veracode scans not going green 🤷 (jvm dependencies and dependency management can bite me)


us healthcare system, +/-/?, thank fuck we have a job 

Getting a new insulin pump/cgm. Have hit the deductible on our high deductible plan, and the max out of pocket. It's not even April.

Really love having to pay out the ass for a condition I literally could not have prevented.

At least there won't be any other giant healthcare expenses the rest of the year. :ms_rolling_eyes:


FF1 and FF3 have finally been beaten. Next up FF2, and then onward up the various numbers forever and ever.

As a side note: Matoya's Theme is some of the best FF music period.


maybe we keep the system name, just to throw our enemies off guard.

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And then there were four, and our system name is obsolete.

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