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[ hugs are now a mandatory daily occurrence in our brain. I have spoken! ]

xiv-posting, so much effort, mild 60+ warrior questline spoilers is one of our favorite sites, and will always induce multiple belly laughs.

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Outer Worlds, minor spoilers, silly 

We got a fresh jpop album delivered this evening, and are once again in aural bliss.

It's "infinite synthesis 5" from fripSide. Literally only released on Monday and yeeted halfway round the world to reach our ears today.

Happy Halloween we guess?

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(as a side note, it came w/ a dvd of live concert of infinite synthesis 4, and we are all pleased I had the foresight years ago to de-region my computer's dvd drive)

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Dear cis folk: (pronoun bullshit) 

Currently doing a security training where the scenario of an alligator eating an iPhone is presented and the question "is the data on the (encrypted) iPhone still secure" is asked.


Like, it's inside a large angry reptile now, probably in multiple pieces. Of course your data is fine.

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Pizza delivery person absolutely noticed the pin, and was trying their hardest to avoid staring.

This amuses us.

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Pronoun pin got here this afternoon. It's large, bright orange, and visible as fuck.

We are quite pleased.

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It's probably not great that "scaredy-enby" is a thing in my phone's autosuggestions, is it?

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Well heck. There's a 10 year and a 15 year anniversary cd in here, and both of them brought nao back for duet-ing w/ NanjoIno and our eardrums are just orgasming right now.

We got 6 (7, but one of them's a 2-for) fresh jpop cds in the mail today and are just grooving our various groove-things as hard as we possibly can while ripping them.

It's all fripSide *after* nao left and was replaced by NanjoIno, so it's an adjustment, but still so so good.

All of this, however, points out just how batshit various music IP laws are. We cannot just buy these tunes digitally, we must buy the physical CDs, import them from Japan, and rip them ourselves. 🀷

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