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[ hugs are now a mandatory daily occurrence in our brain. I have spoken! ]

ffxiv, #gameing 

I am now officially complete with all the things in FFXIV. I have climbed Kugane Tower and stuck the landing to the vista lamp.

There is nothing left to do.


Baldur's Gate 3, #gameing 

And thus ended the Tale of Ari'dris, Githyanki Warlock, she will be mourned.

I punched a hole in the floor, jumped down, exploded like 8 bandits, found a crypt, touched a sarcophagus, got a fancy weapon and then the entire room exploded, repeatedly.

Except I actually liked how this save/character was going, and saved pre-jumping down to fight All The Bandits™, so That Never Happened.

Baldur's Gate 3: Rude as all hell, even when it's not just bugged, but at least when you die from Rudeness™ it's entertaining.


:ms_coyote:​ : goes on pto
slack: immediately shits the bed and continues for the entire day
:ms_coyote:​ : coincidence? i think not :thonking:

ffxiv, gameing 

~ a month ago we got all the crafters/gatherers to 80. Tonight we got Blue Mage to 60 (it's current max).

This means that Every. Single. Job. in XIV is capped for us now. Now we either choose to go back to ignoring Blue Mage, or begin the nightmarish task of hunting down all the spells we never bothered with.

Blue Mage in XIV is...... different. It doesn't count as a "real" job, it can't do roulettes/duties except for in pre-made parties. And of course its max level is only 60, so you're capped at Heavensward content.

I miss FFXI Blue Mage. You still had to hunt down spells, but they balanced it to actually function with the rest of the jobs instead of the shenanigans that is XIV's Blue Mage.


It's been 1.5 years today since I showed up, and tbqh, I'm glad I did!


was the best money we ever spent. Now to suffer through the workday until SLEEP can happen.

(It started at noon September 21 JST, which is 11pm September 20 EST, and it ended at 7am EST. We're amped up on caffeine and the power of JPOP. We'll see how long that holds us.)


jpop fangirling, that's it 

Are we gonna go to Perfume's virtual festival thing that starts at 11pm Sunday night eastern? heck yeah

Are we gonna stay up until ~7am Monday morning so as to partake in all the things and also watch the virtual jpop concert? most definitely

Are we going to regret it after because SLEEP? yeah, probably

Is that regret enough to stop us from doing this? lol no


Did we wake up at the unholy hour of 6:30am in order to be awake for a new music video/single from Perfume premiering on the Tubes of You at 7am?

Of course we did. Worth it. Delightful. Loved it. Will now listen to it on repeat all day.


me literally 5 seconds ago: who tf is The Triumvirate, why are they boosting our toots, and also why does this toot which they boosted have no boosts

me now: o rite, thats us. its our toot.


ffxiv, limsa chat entirely out of context 

every once in a while, Limsa chat isn't a complete dumpster fire

doing coding, brain hurts, much sarcasm 

  • me: Who's idea was it to rewrite our entire frontend codebase into Typescript?
  • them: yours
  • me: Oh, it was mine?
  • them: yeah
  • me: What was I smoking and why didn't you stop me?
  • them: dunno, and ur the only one that knows javascript here
  • me: .................
  • me: ok, but why are these types so complicated?
  • them: you wrote 'em 🤷


stupid old data connector standards, general nonsense 

Why was firewire ever a thing?

This non-sequitur brought to you by: apparently the roms we were after (cause we got a shiny new handheld emulation doodad) were hiding on an old-ass external drive that had usb-micro (yes, micro) or firewire as its connectivity options, and we own exactly zero usb-micro cables that'll transfer data, and exactly 1 machine w/ a firewire port on it.


doing silly things in FFXIV, complete nonsense 

Doing maps w/ free company in a full party (8 people).

Maps don't actually scale that well to a full party, so when you get more than 5 people you can start ignoring things...... Like healing........

So we had 7 DNC + a WAR. Here's a screenshot of my buffs at one point. Guess which one I was. (Technically there's a few in there that're a dead giveaway if you play, but 🤷)


Going to a socially distanced outdoor luncheon w/ coworkers tomorrow, and you know what? Hella excited, mostly cause said coworkers are the only group of IRL people to consistently use my pronouns.

(hell, one guy even gets annoyed when people-who-work-at-the-same-company-but-dont-interact-on-a-daily-basis fuck up my pronouns).

Also, "outside" is basically an imaginary concept to us, so its nice to visit it every once in a while.


ffxiv nonsense, gameing i suppose 

DPS aren't supposed to get comms on the regular, let alone ALL 7 COMMS from trial roulette (it was Ruby Weapon, pretty sure a lot of new people, I was also the only mentor, and I explained shit/also didn't get pissy when we died).

Also, w/ the notable exception of requiring 2k comms now (which are theoretically farmable, but would be hard/time consuming to do, not like actually earning them isnt'), Mentor status is 100% cheesable (original ifrit counts towards the dungeon count, unsynced, i was ending him in ~3 seconds at 70 rdm, and now 80s the cap so...........)


We now own a physical copy of "Perfume 'The Best' P Cubed", and have promptly ripped all 3 cds and the dvd onto our computer because digital hoarders or something 🤷 . Everything is tagged, organized, and meta-data'd as we wish, and we are now drowning our skull meat in some delicious, fresh JPOPs.


So I've apparently managed to get well-enough known at work that when anybody needs something fancy to happen in JS, be it a proof-of-concept or whatnot, my name is somehow at the top of their list. :ms_mild_panic:


very niche gameing nerdery, some caps 

So, apparently the Gothic series was yet another thing that THQNordic obtained way back when.


Like, I've honestly only played Gothic 1/2/3 for a combined 3 hours maybe, cause they're old, punishing, and have terrible controls. ArcaniA (technically G4, but w/ a different name) I sunk days into (and is how I learned of the Gothic series).

Just finished the Gothic Playable Preview, and holy hell. It's like all the best bits of ArcaniA, but even better.


Current mood: should sleep, but current song on endless playlist is good, and so is the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the...............


coding shenanigans 

Spent most of the afternoon fighting the draconian linting rules I personally configured myself at work.

But its fine now. My code may not be clean but at least its stylistically correct.


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