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[ hugs are now a mandatory daily occurrence in our brain. I have spoken! ]

The table of old people near us at dinner were discussing their favorite commercial characters (the turkey from the Chantix commercials was the clear winner) and we're all just super glad we'll never be that senile or white (probably).


Got called a "time witch" at work today. Hard to argue when I make jokes constantly about abolishing time/timezones and also know when most of the various solar and lunar events occur. 🀷

I'm not even upset, TBH.


tech-ish blabbings, alcohol pic/mention 

Praise Cernunnos we are finally home and don't have to see or talk to or be near another living soul for 2.5 days!

mh~-, general bleh, tired 

xivposting, one of the most effort things one can do in the game 

gender sarcasm, pooptoot 

xivposting, maximum fanpersoning 

anti-social humbuggery, the holiday, (~+) 

solstice, tarot, woo, (~-) 

xivposting, general final fantasy blabs 

xivposting, so much effort 

Amusing coworker gossip, why isn't this fucker unemployed yet? 

Advent of Code, being better at it than the everything-phobe we work with 

re: computer stuff, possibly disney's fault, long 

computer stuff, possibly disney's fault, long 

picrew, ec, long 

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Bravely Second 

Capitalist bullshit, angry 

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