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[ hugs are now a mandatory daily occurrence in our brain. I have spoken! ]

re: workplace pronoun tomfoolery, the conclusion, 1 alc mention, ~+ 

Turns out in the "meet the boss" first day meeting, boss runs through all the team members w/ some notables/things to watch out for

About older male team member: he's real smart, but also he's real blunt, he doesn't hate you its just how he is.

About me: They have a beer concierge (true story), they probably know more about JS than anyone else at the company, and also their pronouns are they/them.

So, at least according to his entirely unplanned explanation, the only words he's using are "pronouns" and "they/them", and its basically "this is what working with is like".

Is it great? ~~~~. Is it in any way mean spirited? No. Do I (we) personally have an opinion on how to do it better (remembering I'm pretty out-ish at work)? Not really. 🀷 Β―_(ツ)/Β― Β―_(ツ)/Β― 🀷


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re: workplace pronoun tomfoolery, a bit of clarification 

We should probably point out that there is a basically 0% chance the boss is talking to new hires about us out of some weird spiteful nonsense.

He's honestly been one of the best w/ pronouns since we started (he wasn't our boss at that point), and will point out to me when he fucked up in a meeting or something. It's just I'm fairly positive I'm the only non-cishet person anyone on my team (or potentially in the business unit) knows, so they're all confused as to proper protocol.

The company for which we work also has a decent track record of being a non-shitty place to work for LGBTQ+ folk, and I am aware of at least 2 people they let go because those people were demonstrable shitnozzles to LGBTQ+.

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re: workplace pronoun tomfoolery, the long awaited update, ~+ 

We got him to use pronouns for me on Thursday (+), they were wrong (-). He responded positively to rapid correction, and used the correct pronouns today (+).

Apparently my boss is informing new team members in the "first day meet w/ ur new boss" meeting about my peculiarities (~). We have a one on one on Monday (theoretically), gonna need to query the bossman as to what exactly he is telling new folk about me......

TBF, we have pronouns in slack name, display name, and bio, so its not like we're "not out" ala when previous boss outed me to team before we interviewed for current job.

Still would be nice to know what he's telling people, if for nothing else than we should probably have a say in what he's telling people about me.


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workplace pronoun tomfoolery, ~ 

"New Guy" on the team (started Monday).

We paired yesterday, thus today's standup required references to me.

No pronouns were used (we have they/them as prominently displayed in Slack as we can) in his update in reference to us.

Fairly positive he may have been avoiding pronouns in general? That's what it felt like, at least. Either way, we paired all day today, and in the standard of my team, our standup update tomorrow will be "What New Guy Said/Is About To Say" (because you're new and not expected to do things, you don't get picked for "first update").

We're trying to force pronoun usage, basically. Then, if (when) he fucks up, we shall correct him.

To be fair, the team is a whole is a solid 95% success rate on pronouns. A couple of them don't even sound like they have to think about it anymore.

This has been "Fucking with Cises", brought to you by The Triumvirate


we made our work slack ~1% gayer this day 

Added a whole buncha animated pride flag emojis to work slack. We also have a bot which announces the previous days new emojis, so its gonna be wild tomorrow. (15 new emojis, have ~1400 custom, I think that works out to ~1%?)



Exciting news: There is more than just us in work slack who list pronouns in slack name.

At least one of the others is also they/them.

This knowledge pleases us.

ffxiv nonsense, they really shouldn't let me heal 

nothing like queueing for Normal Raid Roulette as healer because "bored" and getting the very last of the Omega raids

pro-tip: just panic-spam your shield/regen aoe spell, it'll be fine (if you're Astrologian, make sure to be whatever stance the other healer doesn't do for maximum heals)


IT advice request, boosts appreciated 

Jack: Fedi, hit me with your recs for free antivirus for Windows 10 and don't fucking tell me to get a different OS I don't have time for your unhelpful shit.

Thank you in advance.

food mention, being ace 

Is the measure of how ace you are the ratio of garlic to butter on your garlic bread? Cause.....

I just made 2 slices of said holiest of breads, w/ 1.5 tbsp of butter, and I forgot to count how many garlic cloves, but it was greater than half the head (pretty sure it was a softneck variety, so its not absurdly strong garlic, but still).


me: absolutely hates when someone rolls up with their bass cranked on their shit-ass music loud enough to rattle the windows

also me when BABYMETAL comes on: Fuck yeah! crank it, let's blow out the normies eardrums!


horn but not really? my contribution to a relationship as an ace them-friend, alcohol mention 

Also, we're kinda drunk, so uh.... that's how we are with enough of the ol' inhibition reduction juice.


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horn but not really? my contribution to a relationship as an ace them-friend 

I will be unequivocally horn for your mere presence, relish the cuddles, but never go further than that?

Unless you've convinced 🐰 or :ms_cat_grin:​ to front, in which case you might be sexed. If that is, in fact, an action you desire.

(I just really wanna cuddle, that's it. This plague is hella queer-phobic)


xiv screenshot, indirect ec? you can see the eyes, but they aren't looking at you 

We would just like to point out that our FFXIV character is absolutely stunning and everyone agrees.

We started playing Pokemon TCGO recently, and its actually really fun. There's no chance for people to be toxic cause there's no chat and it very actively prevents spam on what little "chat" functionality there is.

Also, we have a deck with Lucario (a very good boy) and Garchomp (a very good dargon) that can absolutely destroy people if we get a Gible in the opening hand.

Also, our icon is a Fennekin now? Because that's a thing? And I am one sometimes?

  • 🐰

babbling about maoujou de oyasumi 

The "about" blurb on Funimation for Maoujou de Oyasumi seems......... wrong?

Since when, in the entirety of the show, has Sya been even vaguely aware that there is a "team" of "heroes" being lost somewhere on a vain attempt to rescue her?

In related news: a pihole completely disables Funimation's embedded ads for free streaming, so we were able to watch all 7 episodes currently available to non-subscribers w/ zero ad interruption. :3


holiday "sentiments", probably not sarcasm, general snark 

I am a humbug starting as early as October each year, and I don't cease being a humbug until the following March, at the earliest.

Imagine, like, Sean from The Good Place, except my cocoon is made of annoyance and dislike for all humankind instead of goo.

I'd be willing to bet, however, that if capitalism just up and died my humbuggery would cease altogether 🀷 .

  • :ms_coyote:​

it's that time of year, wherein we install a Linux and hope it can actually run games.

is 2020 the year where we can finally abandon windows for good?

signs say "probably not"


(also, please don't @ us about using windows, we're aware. please bugger off)

I would just like to point out that Mastodon apparently believes the day starts at hour 24, and then rolls back around to 1.

Having spent an unhealthy amount of my professional life swearing loudly at DateTimes in whatever language, I can understand how this happens.

Still makes me giggle tho.

ffxiv, marginal transmisia, 🀷 ? 

Had someone in my last roulette say "Feo Ul is best girl".......

Feo Ul is a fey. They use they/them (even more special, literally every resident of Il Mheg does (except Urianger) and every character in the game uses the correct pronouns w/o fail, so the only way to not know this would be to skip literally all dialogue/every cutscene or just flat out not pay attention).

Sure, they have the boobies and wear the dresses. Doesn't make 'em a girl tho.

Lucky for that person, I'm far too tired from "other events" to deal w/ them.


multi-legged creature, alcohol mention 

noticed a house centipede lurking in the gap between the carpet and the baseboard. luckily I'm too full of beer to be the normal terrified response, so it's a smear and some legs now.


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