I love seeing folks I recognise from other places on here

i maybe want to turn off my nervous system on demand

Anybody know anything about how to deal with pain?

did i miss anything important over friday and saturday

Dissociating into the void and it's only 10am
[poster: Jy]

Need to note this down SOMEWHERE so:
I detect around ten new presences, two of which have revealed themselves as:
Chahut Maenad
Karako Pierot

Me being in pain most of today and yesterday definitely contributed to there being so many new folks

Merry Christmas apparently I'm a Filthy Homestuck™ now

The Christmas Befuckening, the strongest split of the year, though if only because going to visit my dad is less consistent

Oof I can feel that "split"ting headache. Happens every christmas

Oh. Yeah. Christmas. Oh dear...
[poster: Tobari]

suicidal ideation over something relatively petty Show more

violence mention, phantom pain discussion Show more

I'm participating in the tumblr boycott whilst also working on one of my tumblr pages. I figure if I don't hit Save until after midnight, it still counts
[poster: Jy]

Having finished my uni work for now, i can finally work on my system page
[poster: Jy]

I wonder if the whole "doubles" issue affects fictives as much as it affects kin
[poster: Jy]

I had a long long time of not wanting to find alters, so a lot of them have hidden. Now that I'm out of that mindset, they are starting to show up again. That's probably why the number increases so much
[poster: Jy]

It's a lot of work to just end up throwing out because you can't bear to look at it anymore

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