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(not about here) UGGGGGGGH i either get fucking ignored or outright talked over, I hate this. Every single time I try to vent, this happens. Why do I even bother if nobody gives a shit

buckle the fuck up for a day of depression with nothing to do

i vent anywhere on discord servers about even small things and people just flat-out ignore me 100% guaranteed

also, because I both can't resist it and don't want to do it to their face after the last person I did it to didn't get it


I'm glad, out of all of the places I could've vented, I chose here. Usually people just leave me to my own devices

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what kind of things would you like to see offered in the tiers of an artist's patreon?

Do ya ever want ta wrap yerself up in tin foil an put yerself in the microwave?

[poster: Ismael]

Finding out there are other systems in Scotlaand is wild to me

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It annoys me when ppl on tumblr post their syscourse in positivity tags

wonder if network still posts here. i wanna be pals

finally got a mobile app so i guess im back. need to change my name

I love seeing folks I recognise from other places on here

i maybe want to turn off my nervous system on demand

Anybody know anything about how to deal with pain?

did i miss anything important over friday and saturday

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