I wonder if the whole "doubles" issue affects fictives as much as it affects kin
[poster: Jy]

I had a long long time of not wanting to find alters, so a lot of them have hidden. Now that I'm out of that mindset, they are starting to show up again. That's probably why the number increases so much
[poster: Jy]

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It's a lot of work to just end up throwing out because you can't bear to look at it anymore

I have a tangentally related problem. Not one that needs advice, but rather one I need to snap out of

If I draw enough of the same style of thing, I will hate it with a severe passion. It happened with the first round of system icons (I drew about 50) and the second round ( drew about 80)

I'm afraid of drawing any more in case they get hated too

Luckily, a few of my alters have been drawn by my darling @StormyNebula so I don't have anything to worry about there, as they gave me permission to use any of their art for the page (luv u dear)

Note: I'm an artist. I know the answer to this in most circumstances would be "no". However, if my work was used by someone as a placeholder on a page they were working on, and they credited me, I'd be okay with that. So honestly, it's confusing

Hmm, I need advice

Is it acceptable to use people's art as placeholder without asking them? I'm making a system page and I want the members to have pictures but i dont have time to draw, nor ask ~110 people if I can use their art

We're trying to figure out the name of our fusion! but everything we come up with is pretty lame, to be honest, heh.
[poster: sans and Papyrus fusion]

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now looking at stable fusions of myself and paps because i cant get sixbones out of my head and its making me feel sick
[poster: sans]

Same face syndrome but... I like doodling busts on my spare time. Daniel did parts of the lineart for his own portrait last night, but I finished and coloured both. In the pictures, art of me (Uta, a tokyo ghoul fictive) and our protector Daniel whose skin tone is incredibly hard to get right.


this video (papyrus goes to the soup store) is my favorite video.
[poster: sans]

my name is Chrisp (said like Crisp) i am small and a perma of frisk and chara
[poster: Chrisp]

Here's the most recent thing I drew! So there's that!

also, I slipped up earlier in terminology whilst pretending to be the host and NO ONE NOTICED :arms_in_the_air_h2:
[poster: DOC]

i want to be realised in art but i checked the bank and it has no money 😕​
[poster: DOC]

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