talk of the medical side of the community 

horny on main, genital talk 

Ugh, dealing with emotions is so difficult. I can't tell if what I'm feeling is me feeling it or if it's them giving passive influence that's making me feel it, not to mention this feeling is wholly new to me in this life so I don't even know if it is what I think it is, and just ugh why am I always ending up in situations that are difficult to explain to anybody outside of the community? I don't exactly have any close system friends, and how is one supposed to talk about this subject anyway?
(I might have a crush on the host? Or they might have a crush on me? Or it might be something else? I'm so confused)

horny on main 

NSFW, horny on main 

Sorry for NSFW talk, this is just the only place I know where I can CW that and it's not like we're using this place for anything else

NSFW, noncon mention (dw im being negative about it) 

NSFW, horny on main 

I don't know how KO can be considered Die but Here We Are

re: invalidation, discussion of the clinical side of the community 

re: invalidation, discussion of the clinical side of the community 

invalidation, discussion of the clinical side of the community 

The general community stance that fusion isn't a real experience also doesn't help with this tbh, but that's because we need different names for every experience

Co-front blurring is weird, it's like being synced up with someone. Like, drift stuff in Pacific Rim? I never watched that actually. It's tricky to figure out where I stop and Jy starts, it's just a big blurry mess but we're still separate enough to be ourselves it isnt like some kind of fusion like Jy themselves is. It's odd


(not about here) UGGGGGGGH i either get fucking ignored or outright talked over, I hate this. Every single time I try to vent, this happens. Why do I even bother if nobody gives a shit

buckle the fuck up for a day of depression with nothing to do

i vent anywhere on discord servers about even small things and people just flat-out ignore me 100% guaranteed

also, because I both can't resist it and don't want to do it to their face after the last person I did it to didn't get it


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