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this has gotten fuck all other sites and I can't tell if it's because no one cares about this game or becuase my art is shit but might as well post it here

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Cloud flare, the taking half the internet offline every once in a while but making sure the Nazis stay online as much as possible company

webkinz fucked up and my time unaware brain got so excited until I checked the actual date

Nevermind it was a sore throat and eating like 3 spoons of honey fixed it the universe didn't fuck me over this morning

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oh of course when I'm fronting is the day the body decides to get sick

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running onto a stage, grabbing a microphone and yelling “gender!” while thunder sounds ominously in the background and the lights flicker

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TL;DR version: the next incarnation of Clip Studio Paint will be on a now-mandatory subscription model, a la Adobe. Buy the current, 1.0 version while you still can.

Absolutely heinous and terrible decision.


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The existence of "Ind." (individual) as a gender-neutral title tells me that "Sys." should be one too.

there's some mad irony that the creator of traumagenic/endogenic terminology endorsed alternatives because they no longer liked them, and then like a year later the community decided to explode with genic terminology

unaware drug use, the aftermath (tm) 

oh my god we're finally off of it and actually slept

we're trying to survey if it did any damage to the headspace, it looks like it might have and there's a couple of us which got freaked out, but it's nothing we can't handle. I'm a bit worried because there seemed to be a couple persecutors and we aren't entirely sure how to handle it since they weren't completely aware of what they were doing

apparently if anyone tried to look at the body to see what was going on they got affected, so people inside had to try to block the front and that does explain why we couldn't reach in. my soulbonds weren't affected but they had a hard time communicating with me, at least Van tried to but according to her there was way too much noise with everyone else

the plus side to the last post though is that my system's literally just been playing ghost trick for the past like 10 hours and it's a great game

unware drug use 

so our system had a hell of an experience accidentally consuming weed last night (long story but it was some sitcom misunderstanding shit and arguably kind of funny)

the thing is because the system I'm in is so big and has so many odd corners and people with anxiety that can get triggered by it/panic can cause people to get stuck in front, before we smoke we always need to clear the front, we couldn't do that and by the time we realized we were high it was too late.

so basically last night we had a panic attack and got no sleep because every time we started to get close someone in co-front would start to panic because they thought we were dying.

and now it's been almost 24 hours and at least we've controlled the front by now but god I just want to leave the front and go home

my family was going to the pool after dinner and they knew that a swimsuit would make me dysphoric, so they also lent me an old shirt and pants I'm going to cry

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DSM is outdated. introducing Better DSM (BDSM)

so late night discussion with someone else in my system made me think, does anyone else feel like inclusive plural spaces are getting more gated?

I've had a few moments where I looked at systems more active in the community just using terms that I don't know and can't even begin to try to guess what the root might be, and just the intensive culture around origin and "inclusive" models I don't fit, and I just think damn. I really don't belong here anymore

maybe it's because I've grown critical of it but man I feel like it was easier to get into the community when I was younger. looking back on plural history it also doesn't seem to be as like exclusive or dependent on your memorizing terms that aren't based on common words to understand what people are talking about.


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