Unions are like condoms, if someone tries to convince you you don't need one you should take your stuff and go home.

Apparently the magic to the fedi algorithm is to say condom and union next to each other.

Up next, thrifting a hammer and sickle to pose with for nudes

By fedi algorithm I of course mean people boosting your content. That's our version of an algorithm and it can be just as capricious sometimes. But not today!

@imani stares wide eyed at the fedi "It's full of thirsty syndicalists." Cry-smiles in Jodi Foster.

@imani this makes me wonder if that'd work better than posing with blåhaj

not exactly relevant 

@Jnetwork @IceWolf @imani me too I was ready to be offended xwx

@imani First time I read this I thought "wow, they're right, I *do* need a unicorn!"

@imani When I read this, I thought you were talking about SQL UNIONs, which are not a good thing, so I couldn't figure out why you would be encouraging their use, ha ha!

Too much #SQL work.

@imani beware of marxist condoms and make sure your condom doesn't collaborate with the state.

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