Without coercion, right vs. left vs. something else is an individual choice like hair color.

#space can stop #coercion.

I believe in the future where you could choose your space station the same way you choose your #fediverse server.


@houkimenator so we will have space stations where people gather and organize boarding parties to do harass other space stations?

Well, they will need to fly several months/years there.
And they do not neccessarily know where to go.
And the station might not be there anymore or even exist/have people on board when they arrive.

If they engage engines, they kind of make themselves visible from afar, too.
If they actively radiolocate they make themselves visible too.

Space really works against this behavior.
Unlikely to be often.

Even with this aside, there is a major difference in effort between harassing over internet and actually going and attacking risking life and/or resources.

I think most attacks will be not harassing, but elimination by control-hungry states and terrorism by terrorists, not mutually exclusive.

It takes a dead-set broken mind to do this.

That's why stealth is more important than guns.

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