@polymerwitch that's iffy to with the capture via other services. Reels hasn't been a real competitor to TikTok but if Facebook bought TikTok that'd give them at least one more generation of relevance.

@polymerwitch it may take a targeted take down of their entire network. Purging what data and connections currently exist

@polymerwitch even then if they have unaffected backups that still might be enough. It would shake confidence but the restoration from backup and shift of blame to the attacker might even entrench the user base. You may have to start a global revolution to take down Facebook at this point. I wish this was hyperbole.


@polymerwitch yay Facebook has done awful things but so has the united States and I still live here.

@polymerwitch I don't think it's fair to view usage of Facebook as tacit approval of their methods. They've engineered the system to keep you present even if you don't wish to be.

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