@imani We haven't been putting a lot of thought into it, but a little while ago we read the ... interlocked collection of essays? "Video games in a low←tech future" - kool.tools/speculations/ - and when we imagine futures, that mindset of "the familiar survives, but people try not to spend more than they have to" is central to it.

Nothing we're doing right now in our life should /need/ a beefier device than our ten-year-old iPhone 6. That it does is a choice. We could choose differently.

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elaborating on "try not to spend more than they have to" 

@imani Intense, computation-heavy spectacle showcases would be rare in videogames. Designers would think about theme and impact and invent simpler, stylized designs that served them.

Websites would mostly serve static files - marked-up text and attached images.

Infrastructure like power, roads, vehicles, and Internet would be available in rural areas; public transit, biking, and walking would be facilitated in cities and suburbs.

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@imani the point is that there's a limited amount that the world can support us doing, but if we are thoughtful about it, there can be enough for everybody

and not "ration hard and people can barely survive" enough - there can be excess and frivolity, just on a smaller scale

economy apartments with balconies and double-ovens

80 horsepower subcompact race cars

MMOs that can be played on old machines over dialup

these already exist - they could be normal

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@imani Lunar descents! Getting people "inside" important missions. Languages...weird shit...

@imani futures of non-spoken communication and how it relates to black variations on the languages that were forced upon us.

i've been thinking about this lately because words are just so hard for sometimes so i just sign or don't speak most of the time, and it's just interesting to me to imagine things like what psychic aave would be like or what would black communities be like if we projected images from our thoughts instead of primarily using words

@adae @imani I love this answer because so often when we express our ideas through new spoken language everyone can intercept, our language gets whisked off into anti-black dominant culture and warped into a less relevant version of itself. It makes it difficult to build our own ways of processing reality long-term when the cognitive foundations we lay to communicate with each other keep getting appropriated. So psychic aave would be excellent. This also has me thinking about psychic black music

@imani I think about local shouting circles every week with drumming and dance where during the week we collaboratively write a song across the community about how we're feeling and what we want to bring into the world, and then on Saturday we dance and shout together. We can visit adjoining circles and riff off each other's songs and dances.

I also think about community media-making that's not gatekept or centralized onto youtube. Low-budget films and shows we swap between communities

pol, mental health 

@imani I think about high-tech crowd-sourced ways to monitor ICE and the cops. Sabotage systems in ways so subtle that it doesn't look like anything was done intentionally. Ways to spring people from bondage.

I get really excited when I think about the potential of de-colonial black mental health theory and practice. I think of skillful and effective trauma-healing with community support that doesn't gaslight or victim-blame by ignoring systemic causes.

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