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Picture thread 

Going to pin this for a place to slowly dump pictures and delete from my phone.

Some people talk about this latest ai replacing artists but until the ai can go through multiple rounds of revisions with clients who don't know how to describe what they actually want I don't think they'll be replacing anybody.

Idea not shaving as often as a way to discourage me from touching my face while there's a pandemic happening.

instead of anything productive drawing a mixture of Nsibidi and Toki pona on myself, hows your day going?

mention @name
direct message @name
add @name to a list:
which could just open a thing asking which list or a new list

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it would be cool if you could add someone to a list from the 3 dot menu under a post of theirs instead of having to copy and paste their entire name into the list tab

Just because you lost an opportunity you really wanted because you upheld your boundary doesn't mean you shouldn't have stuck to that boundary. It just means it wasn't the right time/place/person/whatever.

It's okay to be sad about it though.

I am now for reasons refusing to say the word for the fruit everyone puts on pizza now.

Remember that time the makers of cyberpunk 2077 were making transphobic jokes on Twitter but made us forget about it by news about the crunch on their game? And like both are bad why did two wrongs cancel out to make folks excited about the game?

re: Dronification, anti racist revenge fantasy. 

Even in your revenge fantasy you're reforming people what the hell?

Yes after feeling and understanding a complete and total loss of agency. That's the revenge. The fantasy part is having the power to actually reform them instead of having them dig in.

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Dronification, anti racist revenge fantasy. 

Using super powers to turn racist into drones and one they're no longer recognizable sending then to help undo the damage they've caused in their lives. Using what skills they have to uplift instead of harm. Anyone who objects can find themselves working alongside them.

Checking in on their mental states and eventually letting go ones who through time and exposure come to understand the lies at the core of their old worldviews and genuinely recant their ways.

Dronification, Naruto 

Combine shadow clone jutsu and shadow possession to get shadow drone. More durable then a shadow clone because the person inside takes the damage instead of the clone.


But if I had drones compartmentalization would be so much easier. You focus on work and you clean and you go be absolutely horny and you five do creative shit and let's reconvene at the end of the day and y'all can upload the experiences back to me sound good?

Maybe I'm not all over the place maybe you're just too static.

Remember that time y'all ran off play Do y'all feel guilty about but doing more to help that situation? Do you feel the hollow ache of this place not being quite what it once was?

I'm not hoping for anyone to feel ashamed I'm hoping for folks to change and do better. But because I said so but because you realize...

*Cough* er sorry to bother you, didn't mean to let that out.

I know a toot is banger when the other black folks on here come out of hibernation to boost it.

Okay the fediverse is cool but what about the feditop?

Did that use this term as a racist dog whistle or because they don't know the history behind the term? A fediverse choose your own adventure story.

No no, I said I wanted a *tank* top! Not a tankie top.

Giving y'all side eye when you describe someone white as the sexiest ____ ever.

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