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Going to pin this for a place to slowly dump pictures and delete from my phone.

I'm sure someone will call this a hot take or whatever but should people with Allism be allowed to run for office? I mean there's a pretty bad track record for allistic politicians sticking to things promised or meaning what they say so maybe they should just be disallowed all together.

Lewd invitation at reader, teasing 

Okay by now you've got to have known there wouldn't be anything here, but you kind of hoped a little bit didn't you?

Numbers station, toki pona 

🎶 mute mute mute mute mute mute mute mute mute...

What are decent SAD lamps that you've tried that weren't too expensive?

Command at reader, toki pona, pet play 

o, toki!

Medicare for those who want it isn't radical enough. So we bring you vore for those who want it!

Do not open unless you are a brat 

Good job!

Kink, mind control at reader, power exchange, open to give away your free will. 

Silly thing, you never had any to begin with. Good job being so ready and willing though.

So me a big favor and drink some water. Want you hydrated for when I need you.

Folks are like why don't more people use open source alternatives? When their alternative needs you to install three different package managers in order to pull 30 dependencies to to run the 'self running' script to build the program because you don't need an executable. 

Apparently since he doesn't say anything of substance you can just replace the link at the end with whatever you want.

re: Topless, selfie, no eye contact, toki pona, drawing, awkward angles 

The intersection of people interested in these two subjects is probably very small but to those of you into this niche content, you're welcome

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re: Topless, selfie, no eye contact, toki pona, drawing, awkward angles 

I did not think until after I shifted from drawing on my arm to drawing on my breasts that the location of the glyphs might shift the context of (very roughly) path of power and path of desire but here we are.

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Topless, selfie, no eye contact, toki pona, drawing, awkward angles 

Practicing sitelen sitelen glyphs but my arm was kinda full so the best most convenient spot to try drawing was.... Well close to the heart.

I need to draw bigger next time to make it easier to photograph

extremely pessimisitc theory, covid-19. marvel 

Covid 19 is our blip!

So we're 2 years in we've got 3 more years to go but then it'll all be over.

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