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Picture thread 

Going to pin this for a place to slowly dump pictures and delete from my phone.

What if episode six spoilers

That was such a good line.

what if episode 6 

This version of Killmonger is better, I like him. It also makes it more clear that despite Wakanda needing to help others Killmonger is not "right" He doesn't want to get rid of opression he just wants to be at the top of it.

Nakia, not Killmonger, is the one who is right.

lancer, toki pona 

seme mi kama jan Kiwen Akesi?

seme toki ona?

seme pilin ona?

seme sona ona?

So do we just get a text one day that says throw off your chains and we all refuse to go to work that day or what? How do we kick this off?

Goddess fiction, religion, long, meandering 

She sat tiredly wrapped in a cloak woven from the concept of comfort, cup of ambrosia in one hand lazily scrolling through a list of prayers with her free hand. She occasionally stops and taps to accept an offering with a puff of golden smoke being released from the scroll which she inhaled deeply. Growing less tired with each one she finally felt ready to tackle some of the lighter prayers and began weaving some minor miracles to nudge situations in the favor of her followers. It was delicate work needing to be substantial enough to help but intangible enough to remain in the realm of faith and not leaving any concrete proof ruining any faith gained from the follower. Besides, humans get very strange when they shift from Faith to Certainty and it never ends well.

Aren't you tired of following the rules of human psychology and sociology?

Don't you ever just want to Cascade?

Not just for AI anymore join me and we can lead humanity to a cascade together!

What's the minimum viable product for creating an artificial consciousness? Come on folks let's brainstorm.

silly invasive thought 

How do I know I'm not just a really convincing cardboard cutout?

universe where someone knowing your name gives them power over you, but you also can't use the same fake name too often or it just becomes another name for you and therefore still grants power. so you need to like rotate the names you give to people so they don't stick.

Which results in the names being attached specifically to the version of you that lives in their heads and if they interact with you enough the name gets more powerful and thus that version of you can become a real creature but they're all still linked to you so now you have an army of false images that you can get to do some limited amount of biding when the people who invoked them aren't interacting with them.

I saw someone say that some people see looking down as flirting, uh is that true?

lewd shitpost 

People pretend to support you but it's always "you're so pretty" and "omg you look so good" and never "Can you come over and top me" and I think that's just really selfish of them, y'know?

People say I'm hot but if that's true then why is no one making out with me right now? Checkmate

Do you define a difference between flirting with someone and hitting on them?

If yes what is the distinction and would you like me to do either to you? If yes are you willing to provide feedback so I can work on my skills?

Would love for you to help me out if you want. 😉

What if we just pause the economy and fix the climate then we can get back to the dystopia?

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