re: racism and the coronavirus, a followup and selves-correction 

now that our anger over getting Pointed Looks(tm) has cooled down, and we have taken another pass at statistics, we do want to selves-correct re: comparing the coronavirus to the seasonal flu. even if most cases are mild, it is apparent that the severity curve is *much* higher for the elderly and the already-ill, to say nothing of healthcare infrastructure issues

a very useful site with practical advice and even-handed insights:

(racism, xenophobia, and stealing supplies from hospitals are STILL bad, though, and we will continue to be angry about those things, as well as very very concerned for the people who are falling between the cracks. please do recommend people to support and charities for us to donate to! we are slowly amassing a list but more never hurts)

COVID-19, an unsolicited reminder 

also, this is your gentle reminder that the majority of coronavirus infections are mild. some people don't even realize they were infected - that's part of why it's spread so much. it *is* a significant threat to the elderly and those with existing health conditions, especially those who cannot access care, so please do be careful on their behalf - wash your hands, cover your face when you sneeze, stay home if you're sick. but it is not the plague. aim for caution, not panic.

be kind to your fellow people. this too shall pass.

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COVID-19 and a history lesson on racism, xenophobia, homophobia, antisemitism, etc.

"“What you have over history and throughout modern-day outbreaks is people fixing blame on a contagious disease on outsiders,” she said, citing past instances. In 2009, H1N1, or swine flu, was associated with Mexican Americans; in 2003, SARS with Chinese Americans; and in the 1980s, HIV with Haitian Americans. That virus was also called the “the 4H disease,” a reference to the “perceived risk factors” of “Haitians, homosexuals, hemophiliacs, and heroin” users.

Schoch-Spana adds that this pattern of association goes back centuries: In the 1300s, people thought the bubonic plague came from the Jewish community; in the 1800s, typhoid was thought to be spread by the Irish; and in the 1900s, the influenza pandemic was blamed on Germans.

The “forever foreigner” stigma means Asian Americans are frequently associated with public health scares."

we are awful plant parents, thank goodness succulents are succulents

plural exclusionism, trauma, unsolicited platitudes, syscourse, descriptions of parental and domestic abuse 

all of this is to say: that sometimes, when we see exclusionists bullying non-trauma systems, we think of our mother

our mother, who was beaten and screamed at by her parents, forever starving, and married a man who would kick over tables and storm out of the house at the slightest perceived provocation

and how she would remind us of all of this whenever we were crying from being screamed at, pinned to walls, told we were the reason for her suicidality, by none other than her

(and how she would tell us that we should be grateful for her abuse)

bad things happen when people conflate suffering with virtue, with rightness, with *being owed.*

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plural exclusionism, trauma, unsolicited platitudes, syscourse 

we are very strongly of the opinion that trauma is not noble in and of itself, and does not entitle one to anything beyond what we all already deserve (safe shelter, loving communities, competent care, etc)

that it is our choices in the face of suffering that matter - not the suffering itself

we think this is what lies at the heart of our disdain for plural exclusionism, a concept that not only centers suffering and outsider authority above selves-determination, but more often than not, uses suffering as justification to cause more suffering

and there is NOTHING noble about that

executive dysfunction, silliness 

today will be tricky for us! we are working from home again, which is a rare privilege that we are grateful for - but, it has *such* a way of scattering our focus

and, we are low on food, which means... A Walk

switching will make it easier, but switching: is also hard

can ghosts perform the requisite brain acrobatics to succeed?!?! can their teamwork see them through in this Trying Time??

will they be merely ghosts, or will they be, once more... Hungry Ghosts

stay tuned...!


the strange phenomenon by which trail mix becomes 98% raisins and 2% mix

re: syscourse and plural exclusionism mention, alternatives to "System Pride Day" 

{P} Also, for our fellow clinical-criteria-meeting systems who disapprove of exclusionist behavior, there's the original DID Awareness Day on March 5th.

We understand the appeal of a day made specifically for DID/OSDD *by* DID/OSDD systems. But we are deeply uncomfortable with the behavior and thinking behind the February pride day and will personally be celebrating a combination of the original DID Awareness Day and Plural Acceptance Week instead.

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syscourse and plural exclusionism mention, alternatives to "System Pride Day" 

{P} Anyway... if people would like a system pride day that *isn't* made by exclusionists and *doesn't* insinuate that "system" is a DID/OSDD-only word, check out

There's a Plural Acceptance Week from July 13th to July 19th, with a Plural Pride Day on July 18th! Everyone is welcome!

plural exclusionism and racism, prejudice against spirituality, syscourse 

I am too tired and sick to go into the full breadth of my thoughts, but speaking as a member of a bodily-PoC system who is becoming ever more weary of Westernization... please remember that DID, OSDD, the clinical, trauma-centric model of plurality, and to an extent, the rest of psychiatry

all of these are concepts largely created and dominated by white Westerners.

meanwhile, there are many non-white, non-Western cultures with their own concepts of manyness - many of which have been overwritten by the advance of "Western thought"

this does not mean that the clinical concepts are invalid or useless, or that people are bad for finding them helpful. but please be aware of what it implies, to claim that they can be the Only explanation (and that everyone who thinks otherwise is ignorant, malicious, fake, uneducated... "believing in fairytales.")

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plural exclusionism and racism, prejudice against spirituality, syscourse 


They wrote Freshwater, a semi-autobiography. Here's a summary (contains mentions of sex and abuse, in-system conflict, death, self-harm/suicide):

Here's an essay from them on how spirituality intersects with being trans (contains descriptions of transitioning and surgery):

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plural exclusionism and racism, prejudice against spirituality, syscourse 

Their words:

"I think everyone's centered in their own reality, you know. I think part of the thing that's a problem, really, in the world today is this inability to acknowledge multiple realities, and this insistence that there has to be one dominant reality, and everything that falls outside that reality is false and untrue. And that's how colonialism worked in great part — people came in and enforced a reality and said, "Well, if you believe in anything else, if you believe in your indigenous deities, if you believe in these spiritual entities, then you're ignorant and you're backwards, and it's only because you haven't been educated by the West." And you know, there's this [thought that] everything that is outside the dominant reality becomes something that's pathological.

And with my work, I'm not really interested in trying to convince anyone to shift their center, I'm just refusing to shift mine."

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plural exclusionism and racism, prejudice against spirituality, syscourse 

{P} today, I saw a (diagnosed, to boot!) system get mocked and told they weren't a Real System because of their animistic spirituality, which influenced how they experienced their plurality

(to quote: "just because you believe in fairy tales doesn't mean we all do")

and all I could think of were the words of Akwaeke Emezi, who conceptualized their more-than-oneness through the lens of Nigerian spirituality

re: pluralposting 

just to be clear, our rebellion is not against the idea that beings deserve rights, but that only certain sorts of beings of certain sorts of shapes get to Count in The Grand Allocation Of Rights™️

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error! null! does_not_compute! we tear down these concepts of Personhood and raise constellations in their place

re: on another note, some good news, food, not really cannibalism but?, abuse ment 

{P} sure, deep-frying and eating the crispy, fluffy, DELICIOUS effigies of a corrupt official and his wife, who put a popular general to death - that's cool and all, but also consider:

deep-frying and eating the delicious effigies of people who systematically oppressed childhood abuse survivors with pseudoscience and lawyers, doing untold damage to our cultural understanding of trauma

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re: on another note, some good news, food, not really cannibalism but? 

{P} a friend suggested eating them in effigy to celebrate and now we VERY much wish that we had the means to make youtiao

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on another note, some good news (abuse/invalidation ments) 

{P} After years of invalidating abuse survivors and spreading pseudoscience, the False Memory Syndrome Foundation has finally dissolved. (cw for sexual abuse, medical controversy, cultural invalidation of survivors)

Good riddance!

re: on responding to syscourse: unsolicited advice, 2nd person 

{P} (I've had this very long chain of posts in my head for a while, from both having a number of friends who break themselves against syscourse and having done so ourselves, but @starfall's recent posts finally got them to crystallize.)

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