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i dunno what this hades thing is but kankri vantas is looking ripped these days

> every time robert the bruce gets mentioned chris tells me some fact about heavy cavalry but i deliberately do not listen to him

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things i know about robert the bruce:
> on some money? (Β£10?)
> saw a spider in a cave once
> him and braveheart were In Love

me and @housetiger (but mostly he) made a little js script to help you create and manage webrings with little to no technical knowledge. would people be interested in trying it and letting us know how it works for them?

something i love about vince is how... theyre someone who sounds exactly like youd expect someone from a medieval fantasy setting to sound, but sometimes theyll grab on to some meme or piece of slang and just wring it for all its worth for like a week and then act like it never happened. right now its the word 'vibes'

plurals are also mentioned for a little bit, as an example of how the alterhuman community includes more than just nonhumans, and in how that can intersect with being queer!

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alt+h was featured in an article about otherkin and alterhuman acceptance on the daily dot!!!!

POV: you are j kenji lopez-alt making ranch dressing in your kitchen and wondering if you live in the matrix

@ my beautiful mutuals who get flooded with notifs every saturday because i mass like their toots when i get back front: sorry! i love you

this mornings happenings:
- both our garlic plants are tall enough that they need to be tied to supports now!! im so impressed with how big theyve gotten and how long weve managed to keep them alive so far lmao. it takes about eight months for them to completely grow an edible bulb though, so were not out of the woods yet!!
- im trying genmaicha for the first time! we got a couple bags of it in our bokksu this month. its green tea with toasted brown rice in it and it smells So Good.... its very mild and easy drinking even without milk or sugar. i tend to sort teas into ones that i drink when i want, yknow, a drink, versus ones i drink when i want An Experience, and this feels like a good candidate for the former.

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