writing this has inspired me to wanna start working on a more comprehensive plural history timeline of just general stuff but thats gonna be uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
a big project

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hey, the article i wrote for alt+h on (some of) the history of plural self advocacy is up now!! blog.alt-h.net/post/1908462843

i see we can react to announcements, do we know if that feature is gonna be coming to all posts? i want that so bad

vince is exactly aragorn plus legolas. majima is legolas plus gimli. mord is frodo and im all the other hobbits stacked on top of each other

kink, a little bit cursed 

@ my beautiful mutuals who get flooded with notifs every saturday because i mass like their toots when i get back front: sorry! i love you

Macavity, the Hidden Paw, is a cat who’s broken every human law, and also the law of gravity.

Killing Bigfoot is illegal.

1) Bigfoot was real in Cats universe
2) ...until Macavity found him

theres a humble book bundle about knitting out right now 👀 💦

american recipe writers please for the love of god stop measuring things by volume

i wanna use our giant slow cooker to make mac n cheese
i remember once i accidentally made a perfect bechamel in the slow cooker and i have absolutely no idea how i did it, but that sure would be useful to know right now!!!

ok so i think its important that himboness requires that the dude in question be large, whether thats chubby/bear-like or buff, but! i do think its unfair that that definition excludes jason mendoza so i would like to propose


i feel rude! when i read other people swearing online! and my internal reading voice says the word in my brain!

every craft subreddit is drowning in baby yoda right now

in related news, im learning to crochet by making a soap saver! because apparently no matter what kind of yarn nonsense im doing, im not content to practise just by making rectangles

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i think doing fibre arts in general has made me feel a lot better about doing things imperfectly. wrong yarn weight, wrong gauge, wrong needle size, followed the pattern wrong, wrong stitch, dropped a stitch, added a stitch somewhere else, tension all over the place?
its fine! the thing still comes out fine.

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