rspv'd to a trans coffee meet a couple weeks from now, super nervous about it 😬​ i wanna be out about our plurality there (as a stepping stone to being out about it in general) but im worried about being in control of the circumstances and im gonna keep being worried until i actually go!!!!!

of all the convenience features youtube has
it doesnt automatically remove videos from 'watch later' once youve watched them?

in a thread or back-n-forth conversation on mastodon, do you like every toot in the thread, or just the last one?

love when people say my name and remind me that im a real person 😩👌

comPLETELY forgot bayonettas name, just called her 'witchella'

wild that some people dont like plain yogurt

irony: i had to do a lot of formatting to make those thoughts fit in one toot. i guess ill make it more conversationy by asking if its just me or if other people also feel this way? are you in any really good discussion spaces? what do they do that make them that way?

i feel like mainstream social media has impaired a lot of peoples ability to just have a normal conversation online 

mord described me as having 'refined bisexual energy' and im not sure 'refined' is very descriptive of me but hey, ill take it!

what do you do to acclimate someone to fronting in a chronically ill body? i frequently pushed us past our limits when i came back to fronting regularly because i just moved and acted like i normally would and expected nothing bad to come of it. now someone else is gonna be fronting for the first time and we dont think just saying 'be gentle' is gonna cut it

youtube has never predicted my preferences more accurately than recommending me this channel that follows along with cooking mama recipes in real life

someone upstairs plays trumpet, and sometimes you can hear it - i hadnt heard it in a while, but im listening today and theyre so much better than the last time i heard! im proud of you, stranger!

im in the furry tag on tumblr a lot and i wanna give a big shoutout and much love to the person in there who ships their fursona with freeza and is constantly drawing art of them having a nice domestic life together

despite egg whites being called egg whites, the yolks arent called egg oranges
[seinfeld voice] whats the deal with that?

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