every craft subreddit is drowning in baby yoda right now

in related news, im learning to crochet by making a soap saver! because apparently no matter what kind of yarn nonsense im doing, im not content to practise just by making rectangles

i think doing fibre arts in general has made me feel a lot better about doing things imperfectly. wrong yarn weight, wrong gauge, wrong needle size, followed the pattern wrong, wrong stitch, dropped a stitch, added a stitch somewhere else, tension all over the place?
its fine! the thing still comes out fine.

nsfw + kink but only by implication 

hey, been away for a while - whats the current situation with plural.cafe becoming a cooperative or something? im not sure how one would go about getting involved but we have a small amount of backend development experience which id hope would be useful for something like that and wed like to help if possible!! @KT i guess youd be the person to ask about that?

best subscription boxes ive seen on this aggregate site:
- luxury toilet paper
- just a bunch of leather scraps??? they just send you a bunch of leather scraps each month
- college student subscription box that contained stuff like toothpaste and instant mac n cheese and tide pods
- a chronic illness/spoonie subscription box that was only in the women's section, because only women have chronic illnesses
- random shit from storage auctions
- 'premium 3D printing filament samples'
- three different boxes calling themselves 'the ONLY subscription box for nurses'
- skulls

the photo is literally only marked as sensitive so i dont have to look at my own face because im still weird about looking like the body!! but its fine!! i got a hat!!

hi i made a hat!! :ms_bisexual_flag:​ thanks to the people who suggested this that i never responded to because im bad at social media;;

im such a baby every time someone tells me they liked something i tagged them in on tumblr i wanna cry!!! i love my friends

feelin old because i saw someone in a plural server recommend to another checking when their proxy was created in pk as a basis for their birthday and like........... when i came into the system pluralkit didnt exist, /discord/ didnt exist. in fact im pretty sure this was in the msn days before skypes time too

well maybe YOU live in a society but i live inworld

havin one of those days where im just filled with love for my friends and family and gratitude for the experiences weve had together!!!!!!!!!!


can someone who knows linux better than i do explain why today dosfsck found a folder full of files with bad names that, concatenated, spelled out the contents of the dwarf fortress creature templates file? this was in a folder full of UI themes for a completely unrelated program

i thought itd be great to buy wool in the bi pride colors but now i have no idea what to actually make out of it because thats not? really the colors that i wear? and it wont match literally anything i own

the deep kinship you feel with people who have the same fursona species as you

i think itll be a long time before we can come out casually to any old person as soon as it comes up but its a relief that experiences have been positive so far
something that really helped me both in this instance and the other is that the people i talked to both found ways to like, relate to the problems i was having for reasons other than plurality. its affirming to have someone both acknowledge that your experience is unique but also provide a bridge to a shared experience so i dont feel like im totally alienated and unreachable because i have this fundamentally different identity thing underpinning my life

a trans singlet friend who hadnt heard of plurality at *all* (like not even as MPD or in movies or anything) before i came out to them maybe like a couple weeks ago is actually like... thinking and coming to their own conclusions about how plurality and gender intersect and how it 'completely undermines a lot of the assmptions that people have about biology being straight forwardly linked to identity' and relating my experiences with dysphoria about fronting to their experiences with nb dysphoria and its like?? yes good?? very validating and also very encouraging in terms of being more openly plural and actually educating people and stuff

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