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im starting a subculture called sincerecore where we all just like things

wayne 'wayneradiotv' radio tv just called me a toddler lmao goodnight

question for alterhumans+nonhuman-IDing POC and ethnic minorities 

So, I've been talking recently about the intersection of Jewish ethnicity with alterhuman - and especially nonhuman - identity, and how it can be complicated when you're part of a group that's literally been seen as equivalent to cattle, vermin, and that has entire monsters inspired by caricatures of your people. Likewise, how being visibly Jewish in communities full of goyische neopagans can be incredibly alienating, especially when trying to call out antisemitism in those spaces (I see this a lot with draconics claiming "lizard people" conspiracies are about them, as an example.)

And I'm curious how it is for people of other ethnicities and especially for people of color? Because I also notice that there's either an overwhelming whiteness to these communities or there's a distinct lack of POC speaking up about their racial identities in these spaces, and I'm wondering how those things intersect for other people?

adult achievement: we finally bought dishwasher salts and rinse aid to use instead of just running the wash like three extra times and wondering why the dishes are /still/ crusty

its 2020 and im watching a livestream VOD of someone playing nintendogs


im sorry for the tiny tiny image but look at how these emoji render in the program bar for firefox?? who are these people

is there anything sadder than joining a new discord server and seeing all the greyed out emojis you cant use

hey isnt it awesome that voices arent gendered and that you sound amazing no matter what??

beastars, kink, probably not a novel observation 

man imagine having a vore fetish in the beastars universe

honorable mention: newton has a specific yell for when he thinks something Particularly Important is happening that i should be paying attention to and he does a big wind up for it but its just 'AH!'
just one really short, featureless sound
and it makes me laugh a lot
its probably a result of that positive reinforcement tbh :v

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top 3 noises that cats make 

- when they see a bird but they cant get it so they do that weird chattering thing
- when they go 'brrml?' when you pet them because they were sleepy and not paying attention


save an ice cream lick a titty today

i wanna like........... do something with this but im not really that kind of creative person

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whoops i spent the afternoon dicking around with ai dungeon 2 and basically created the premise for a really good oneshot d&d module??

[me seeing coolvetica anywhere] the alt+h font.............................

cooking tip: maximise efficiency by just sticking that bread you were gonna dip in your soup into a blender with it

queer and kinky complaining 

where πŸ‘β€‹ is πŸ‘β€‹ all πŸ‘β€‹ the πŸ‘β€‹ sapphic πŸ‘β€‹ gfd

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