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im starting a subculture called sincerecore where we all just like things

cooking tip: maximise efficiency by just sticking that bread you were gonna dip in your soup into a blender with it

queer and kinky complaining 

where 👏​ is 👏​ all 👏​ the 👏​ sapphic 👏​ gfd

what is it with bi people and lemon bars??? i dont understand

implied animal death, not vegan friendly 

nothin like carving a whole chicken to make you appreciate that your food was an alive animal a couple days ago, huh?

so if someone could mod literally all of starbounds furniture and blocks into terraria now thatd be great

lewd stupid 

milf as a gender identity

if id known people were gonna take a serious interest in this i maybe woulda made it a -punk thing rather than a -core thing :P

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im starting a subculture called sincerecore where we all just like things

just out of curiosity... (boosts v appreciated)

'i am ___ and ___ at math'

the vriska circuit is two planters outside waverly station that we used to naruto run around in a figure of eight pattern at homestuck meets in high school

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who put the vriska circuit on queering the map............................

kink mentioned 

how much of a power move would an 'anti kink dni' banner be

alt+h forum plug 

the alt+h forum is open for public registration as of today. if you're nonhuman, plural, fictionfolk or otherwise not-normatively / alternatively human, and you're interested in a discussion space that focuses on common experience and advocacy for real-world acceptance, maybe check it out? we'd love some help trying to avoid the dreaded forum entropy:

i got another free sample of some bullshit skin product from a good housekeeping magazine and its so tempting to put it on my face but weve been taking such good care of our skin lately i dont wanna ruin this streak

writing this has inspired me to wanna start working on a more comprehensive plural history timeline of just general stuff but thats gonna be uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
a big project

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hey, the article i wrote for alt+h on (some of) the history of plural self advocacy is up now!!

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