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im starting a subculture called sincerecore where we all just like things

ive somehow managed to go the whole past year without understanding what pods are
like i thought normie straight people were just reinventing polyamory

literally just looking at a cup of matcha makes me feel better dude that color does something to my soul

literally all my recommendeds on tumblr are genshin impact posts and i literally dont think ive ever interacted with genshin impact content in my entire life

im learning to trust my gut more because every time i think 'i would probably be attracted to this dude if he were gay' i find out later that he is gay hes just kinda normie about it

if i had a nickel for every furry anime out there that revolves around an unassuming guy who keeps to himself getting involved with the yakuza id have two nickels which isnt a lot but its weird that it happened twice

i love how neurotypicals are starting to use 'asmr' to refer to anything sensorily pleasing

can you imagine living in the reality where shape of you was sung by rhianna like they originally intended? i reckon their 2020 is going better

hello fedi this morning i learned that the swedish name for the milky way literally means 'winter street' and thats wonderful how is your day going

the 'multiplicity' article on the other hand is a mess right now. we will fix this eventually

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every time i go to the wikipedia page for DID and see someone else has added something to the 'rights movement' section it makes me happy

men can be bimbos and women can be himbos. there i said it

i dunno what this hades thing is but kankri vantas is looking ripped these days

> every time robert the bruce gets mentioned chris tells me some fact about heavy cavalry but i deliberately do not listen to him

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