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nsfw, "cock and ball torture" 

GG: i was trying to figure out the appropriate cw for cock and ball torture but somehow i dont think cbt is it

GG: wow i was really confused for a sec when i wrote that post and what felt like a second later it told me it was 4 minutes old
GG: no my brain is not that broken, the masto instance is just being weird >:P

"stripper name", sw-phobia 

GG: plot twist: fandom perception of jade harley the character is what made "jade" into a stripper name /j

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"stripper name", sw-phobia 

GG: apparently being reduced down to a dehumanized slut has incidentally been at the core of my character since the very start! this feels both unsurprising and remarkably powerful

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"stripper name", sw-phobia? 

GG: apparently while theyre in the minority there are apparently SOME people who struggle not to associate the name jade with strippers, and while thats undeniably at least a bit horrible its also kind of hilarious to me

plurality, body, animal genitalia (nsfw) 

GG: i just want my dog cock back, please, and for all my proportions to feel strong and wild and protective and free, instead of... like...... human! blobby icky human!
GG: i dont even dislike the body im in that much it just isnt... me, really, its just a fun thing i can more or less shape in a way that reminds me of me

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GG: okay at what stage of being a fictive do i get my in-universe body back, or at least the chance to feel like i have it again!!!

GG: besides deleting birdsite im probably going to tone my posting presence on masto down too
GG: ive already been toning it down over the last while so this is no huge surprise hopefully :P

GG: keeping @hornbula for its more focused stuff lol, but prolly wont see many posts from this acc for a while!

This is your occasional reminder that I am still burning with the phoenix-like flame of self-reinvention that is commonly known as "being a transsexual". My transition started around 2005 and is pretty much a done deal; I get female pronouns from total strangers. Estrogen's been kind to me, and my mother was unfailingly supportive of this journey while she was still alive.

Illustrator, 1h.

fat kink, art of me ๐Ÿ’œ 

@Mirina drew me in a cow pattern bikini ๐Ÿ’œ ๐Ÿ’œ i feel so beautiful

this dragon lady's real proud of herself :dragnuwu: ๐Ÿ’œ

-- dragon ๐Ÿ’œ

flora - Imagine That p24 (nsfw, corruption/divinity kink) 

GG: god though this is such a cool kink, right??
GG: feeling like youre TRYING but just arent really capable of much good, and maybe thats all youre destined for... and then having someone notice and give you guidance to something greater, something you dont NEED to be good for, where you can just be whatever worthless thing you are and its alright and its GOOD that you arent capable or strong or independent... thats such a strong emotion and desire to turn into fantasy sex :ms_awoo:

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ph (-) 

GG: having to deal with a cold is not sexy :(

dom joke 

GG: how have i seriously made it this far without consciously making any js DOM api jokes

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