Babe, what's wrong? You barely applied your sonic brand testosterone gel.

rub my tummy its good luck or something, probably

e621 link but sfw, pichu 

GG: god i cant stop thinking about this!!!

cw: cartoon dragon titties filling out the Boob Glimpse Meme that's going around this week 

I got informed that some other people filled out that second-tier imbalance with "backboob" and I thought it would be pretty funny to add since Peganthyrus' boobs are only in "visible from behind" territory when she is being a horny titbeast.

This seventh panel is off on one side because it made me laugh. :ds_delighted:

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GG: hypno therapy with sorting algorithms

GG: changing my last name to real
GG: yeah. im jade harley. jade harley real

nsfw, gayming 

GG: is there any way to lick a dualshock 4 which isnt erotic

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nsfw, gayming 

GG: erotically licking a video game controller o:> ?

marble machine, nsfw, caps 



GG: [extremely ralsei voice]
GG: ok , sorry, back to Horny,

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GG: actually screw it
GG: i got around to installing bitwarden for chrome here, im just gonna log out/in with that lol

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GG: yeah i think ill stick with sengi! it seems to have enough customization to be usable for me
GG: or just be boring and use incognito chrome windows lol

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GG: okay this one works but the ui kinda sucks lol
GG: its just boring!

GG: im sorry this isnt part of the thread but im too lazy to figure out how to reply

attempting mastodon clients because my macbook browser doesn't have container tabs 

GG: well this is better....
GG: kinda funky (possibly cool?) ui but all my accounts are here!
GG: (first was Pinafore, this is Sengi)

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attempting mastodon clients because my macbook browser doesn't have container tabs, Profanitรฉ 

GG: bitch i have two!!!!!

nsfw, fictive trauma, dry sarcasm 

GG: being a fictive is great because i get all of the emotional trauma and none of the hot lesbian doggirl sex! :)

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