naked animal person drawing (a new one, non-explicit) 

GG: this is so fun to play with omg

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naked animal person drawing (a new one) 

GG: the grass took SO LONG to cut out lol
GG: but it completely accidentally made this 3D effect (with a new plant i drew myself!) and im really glad with how that turned out!!

// New pfp here!!

please help we don't have nearly enough (active) places on the internet to put profile pictures-

re: forflora/comic link 

GG: was this purely an excuse to write a ficlet image description for the comic?

GG: well no
GG: but actually yes,

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Everything I do in bed is convoluted and supported by impossible economies of scale, serves no actual purpose, and what little might have a function is almost certain to kill you

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god I love the implied "force femme just happens from time to time it's normal" in this

piss alarm, hrt/meds mention 

GG: (it actually takes me only like a glass and a half of water to be up and running by 7:30-7:45, which is what i have to take estradiol pills right before bed, so it works out nicely lol)

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piss alarm, adhd, absolutely zero kink shenanigans 

GG: the best part is that it forces you to get up
GG: you cant stay in bed because you have to use the washroom! good luck falling back to sleep or being remotely comfortable

GG: or your adhd brain can procrastinate and do everything ELSE you need to do in the morning before making your way to the washroom
GG: all the while holding yourself perfectly together because you dont WANT to bother yet, cant you just wait a fewwww more minutes

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piss alarm, prequel adventure 

GG: ever since like a year or two ago when i read prequel i swear i havent had issues with accidentally sleeping in once

GG: this is apropos of nothing i just remember being like OH thats clever
GG: and somehow its made waking up the easiest thing lol

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