how the fuck do people do this all the time how does one person just be at front forever singlets H O W


i figured it out, it’s hot cheeto smell actually

why do i smell like garlic i haven’t had any for two days

just retooting Tiny Tower now 

Your identity as a nonbinary person does not have to be palatable to cis people for it to be real and important.

#nonbinarypride #nonbinary #lgbtq #nonbinarypositivity

neptune_ebooks is just a theory...A GAME THEORY! 

you ever seen how much sodium salt has in it... fucked up

Proposed chess piece: the Klutz. Wandered onto the board and has no idea what's going on. Moves in fractions of squares. Can accidentally capture itself.

the polls are over, and things don't look good for gender,

negative, parents talk 

Regardless of today's SCOTUS rulings today, three things are certain on my end.

1) I am too far in transitioning to the woman I want to be, it's been almost 10 years now and I paid the ultimate price with 5 years and 8 months of houselessness, and two surgeries later. Detransition will never happen, ever. Not even for a paycheck from some capitalist boss in exchange for selling my time and labor.

2) After this day, regardless of the outcome of the SCOTUS. I must remind everyone that there is no equal rights for queer and trans workers under the capitalist system, ever. I was anticapitalist before I came out trans, I am still to this day anticapitalist, and will keep advocating for the end goal of abolishing the state and capitalism.

3) Before, today, and after this day, everyday; regardless of the outcome of the SCOTUS rulings, if you have been discriminated because of you are Trans / LGBQ. I totally support anyone engaging in direct action, doxxing, vandalism, arson against transphobic employers, transphobic landlords, or the state.

- The Crime Minister of Antifa
October 8, 2019
So-called Portland, Oregon

first thing thats gotta go is this static corporeal form

where the hell is the shapeshifting

negative, parents talk 

negative, parents talk 

negative, parents talk 

sometimes, the people who you think care about you don't actually give any fucks and just want you around so they can abuse your trust and look powerful. they'll cry and wail about their mental health and how it hurts them so much when you openly criticise all the microaggressions and passive acceptance of yourself and others being abused.

fuck that noise. get real mad at those people. fucking scream at them. throw shit at them. they enable some of the most insidious kinds of social violence.

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