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I'm redoing our outdated

My name is Faust. I'm 27, use he/him, and act as a type of caregiver/protector. I'm the only responsible person in this system. I still don't know what people I'm attracted to
The core and host is Felix. He's 17 and half his personality is that he's gay and trans and non-binary. He uses she/her as well as he/him
Our last actively fronting member is Saki. She's a fictive of someone from Zombieland Saga, and she's gay/a lesbian. She's the social and confident one

The rest include our Little (James), and two who have no names as of yet and can't/don't speak. They likely won't play a huge role for at least a while since they rarely come out

fuck. new member. why do none of these new people talk? three unnamed members now

not sure why we agreed to mod a discord server for systems with a stranger but we did

almost got a whole lot of other things but nobody could agree on it and we kept switching around too

went shopping and got some nice stuff including a small spiral note thing with no lines in and a heart on the front meant for me(?) to doodle in. primarily doodles of the system

damn got a new member. another little. only at all got apparent bc we switched after I'd been hugging a new teddy bear we got today for a while

we've gotten to a really calm period as a system and somehow that's made us collectively really unmotivated to front so it's just like a super annoying stalemate. maybe we should try hanging out like friends

just had some kinda fucking argument about how fictives aren't the same as fictionkin so I'm positively fucking fuming

anyways so sometimes I draw and you guys should follow our art tunglr and our art insta, we're (@)coffeehedonistic on there lol. Have a Saki, I wanted to draw her ever since Spell watched zls lmao

REALLY don't like how wavy the body's hair is it just doesn't go for me!!

okay we had the first fully conscious "forced switch" when jonas declared he wanted to eat and took front from me for maybe 15 minutes over dinner

Was forcibly switched into front during a nap earlier, now I think I'm stuck here. I was already in a bad mood that makes me far less productive, and this isn't at all making things better

you know how when you have a jewish partner you end up doing a lot of jewish things and being in jewish spaces despite not being jewish yourself? i feel like thats me with like, lesbians

retoot if you love making all sorts of growls, howls, and screeches at any and all times of the day

our appointment went well!! the psych said it was interesting and will observe to see if it's healthy but I really just wanted someone irl to talk to who understands

at the psych! gonna tell her about the "us"
-felix, now changed to radu

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