Updates since last time we were around: Kam and Lucio are my boyfriends, the second semester of college is going pretty good, had a blast from the past about drama that happened a year ago, uhhh.... Yeah. Whew.

- η¹

Oh yeah this exists lol
I keep forgetting w h o o p s

- α¹

whatup im jeff im 24 n i never heckin learned how to read

jk but i have rly bad processing skills so bear with me :'))
also im a fictive n yes im -that- jeff but im chill i promise haha

anyways uhh im gay? thats all u need to know

also heres me, kam drew it

- δ¹

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We're going to Robotics though so that's freaking cool

- α¹

5 hours until presentation time and our voice is going out

college is fun :')

- ⧁¹

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The gender of the day is a business casual flannel shirt covered in pins.

apparently if you click the mastodon picture on the website it'll change :o
this is really neat

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