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very long post #introduction 

hiii so we've been on here fur a little bit now but have yet to make an - we've been putting it off 'cause we're not too great at this type of thing, but we'll try our best :33

soo, i'm nepeta, the host of the catnip system. i'm 25 years old and i identify as a catgender girlboy currently, although have been exploring my gender identity again recently, but generally please use mew/mews pronouns fur me, and they/them fur us collectively (u can call us nepeta collectively but it might be a little confusing fur us so maybe call us the catnips?) most of the time it's me, or a blend of me and others that its a bit blurry to tell. we're a system of 7, not really 100% sure of our origin (we wouldn't be surprised if it was trauma related, though) we're white (although certainly not proud of it), autistic, disabled (we have fibromyalgiia and generally qualify fur disability on the grounds of our mental illness), and all very queer, additionally we're kittyfox otherkin, and that's what the theta delta in our username means! we really, really like video games, and also comics, cartoons, tv shows, listening to music, and movies (most of the time our avatar will probably be a kinnie of one of our's, ehe) and although its definitely 99% me piloting when we're doing it, we really enjoy streaming and doing graphic design too and are also trying to learn to draw better!

about me, nepeta (mew/mews) - i really like streaming and playing video games, particularly super smash bros has always been a big special interest of mine and i've played it competively a lot over the years - i actually host a weekly fur a niche mod of it that i adore called 4xM which has a very tight knit, accepting, and supportive community (they thank me like every week fur hosting T_T) my kin list is far too long to list but as u may have guessed one of the big ones is nepeta leijon from homestuck, a couple other big ones are roxy lalonde (homestuck), steven universe, and rue bennett (euphoria) and skitty (pokemon). if it isn't clear, i really like cat puns :33

annd my beloved headmates <3

🗝Roxas (he/they) - a very, very protective headmate, and a kinnie (pawsibly a fictive? but.. we're not totally sure and have always felt kin was more fitting, or somewhere in between - this applies to all of our headmates) of roxas from kingdom hearts. he's been around the longest out of any of my headmates, as i can remember brief conversations with him as far back as 2013. very, very nice and friendly as long as he trusts u, although he may be a bit cold otherwise.

✨Glimmer (fae/faer) - extremely bubbly, glimmer would love to be ur furriend! faes an age slider(we think, at least - we still haven't completely figured out all the terms and how they apply to us) that slides between 13 and the age of the rest of the system, 25 - fae is our age most of the time, but slides when very comfurtable and relaxed, or sometimes it's completely out of faer control, which has happened a bit and unfurtunately there isn't really an in between. it's pretty easy to tell when glimmer is age sliding as fae will type in third purrson. fae has been around since june 2020, and is a kin of glimmer from she-ra and the princesses of power!

🕸Vris (she/they) - another protector and kin of /the/ vriska homestuck, she came around when roxas wasn't here fur an extended purriod of time, around 2020. can get very angry, but generally its in a protective way. probably the hardest to get close to out of everyone, she's not around a ton either.

❄Snow (he/they) - kin of akechi from purrsona 5. mostly very relaxed and the calming presence of the group. comes around a lot more in the winter, but generally can help calm us down a lot.

🦊Miles (he/him) - kin of tails from the sonic the hedgehog series, miles is a very cute femboy and he is incredibly smart, and also another calming, relaxing presence. came around only a couple months ago but has been around more than anyone else recently.

💜Vivian (she/her) - kin of vivian from paper mario the thousand year door! we don't really know much about vivian yet other than that she's very shy and is a ghost girl. she came around a bit after miles but we've still not really been able to talk much.

My first word was mew. My second word was mew mew. My third word was

begpost (boost please), employer abuse, out of work 

after a months-long battle to better my situation, i've run out of cards to play - i'll be resigning on monday both from a principled and logistical standpoint, as i've been pigeon-holed into an even more untenable and financially unsustainable situation

on the plus side, i get to finally leave the abuse behind for good after years

on the negative, i'm obviously out of work as a result

any donations are appreciated!

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:boost_requested: begpost 

Hey, y'all.
We could really use a bit of extra help this month making ends meet financially. Eri's been forced out of an abusive workplace for her own health and is unfortunately not going to be getting anything compensation-wise out of it. We're a queer found family of four over here and are all doing what we can despite having various degrees of disability. Hoping to gather up around $300 if possible, anything helps, y'all.

Eri's paypal:

Or, if you wanna send through something else:

sorry boss i can't come to work today im busy running around the bedroom and meowing

do any other plural/DID folks get huge plural vibes from a lot of cavetown songs? i honestly thought it was just an obvious implication but then i looked it up and i couldnt find a single thing discussing it or even mentioning it

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