minecraft tech servers are proof that communism works, "regular" smps have shopping districts and separate bases and yeah they can achieve some cool stuff but then you look at tech Minecraft and literally everything is shared and they are literally breaking the universe because they got bored one day. everyone can do what they enjoy and have the resources to do it because others produce those resources when doing things they enjoy, and they have also different kinds of people, producing different things. they have builders and tech designers and researchers. it's almost like when you give people the ability to live without the stress of having to work to live, people produce enough to support others just out of the enjoyment of doing that

@foxes yeah like, even on pvp faction servers, pretty much any given faction will end up being essentially its own commune, with pretty much all resources (aside from like, enchanted tools & other unique items, and diamonds if nobody has a whole lot of them) being in a common pool

@starseeker honestly yeah even then, and even then on a lot of factions servers there's a bunch of respect between factions, like you don't hit someone while they are down, give them time to rebuild, all that

@foxes this aligns with my takaway of doing modded minecraft sysadmin for a couple of years.

...people are creative and generous when artificial limitations are removed, who woulda thunk eh?

@eryn this is exactly why I've tried a few times to make a Minecraft difficulty plugin, that adjusts damage taken and hunger and mob agressiveness based on a setting, so someone who likes hard mode can play with someone who likes easy mode together on the same server

@eryn though i never finished it because I ran into some damage that i couldn't work out how to deal with to make it follow how the different difficulties work

@foxes oooohhhhh I had "factions" set uo to try and do this, very much like the idea...

@eryn i might try another crack at it! it's still in my code folder after all

dev / modding meta, discussing alternatives 

@foxes so...before I inspire more work on a painful experience...have you considered a different engine?

For me, working with the stable (and backwards / forwards compatible) API within Minetest was...like night and day. Instead of spending all my time on updates because minecraft broke things subtly within each new release, I could just...focus on features and play experience. After seeing that mods could operate across minor version mismatches, I dropped out of minecraft modding and never looked back, and a bunch of the really good mods like worldedit have ports already.

Have been playing a lot of NodeCore, which does items dropped from the hotbar instead of damage alongside some other systemic experience tweaks, so I know that it's possible to do similar stuff at least.

dev / modding meta, discussing alternatives 

@eryn oh the issue i think was differentiating between dragon attacks? i don't remember specifically, but i was actually using a server plugin language that meant i didn't have to touch the game code, so maybe working on it in another way like a mod would be a good idea

dev / modding meta, discussing alternatives 

@foxes ah, that makes sense. I do remember that sharp divide between server and client mods, and working with minetest (that auto downloads everything to the clients as they connect) had made me forget.

If only the user interface was less...built by engineers...XD

@foxes it brings a whole new meaning to "abolish the state ... in minecraft"


Heck, Eco is proof that communism works. Communist servers destroy the meteor in record time, while market servers (technically not capitalist because most people can't figure out the contracts system to employ others' labor) generally depend on one or two heavily boosted people to get enough skill points to save everyone. They usually don't.

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