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the government has "accepted" that 2200 people will die from covid during their opening up the state plan.

it's really. unacceptable. "only" 2.2k deaths. and with the vaccine not actually helping spreading much, this whole thing is pretty much telling anyone immunocompromised to shove it. opening up is great, but they need to consider the fact that this isn't like every other vaccine that prevents spread, because currently the covid vaccines only slightly reduce spread. they help you not get too many symptoms, but don't reduce spread. meaning that as we get vaccinated we will likely actually end up with a higher spread rate because of vaccinated people not realizing they have covid, thinking it's just a cold.

this plan is just really frustrating. the government is not dealing with this well at all.

"only" 2.2k deaths, sounds great for the healthy people, but it's not proportional, that's like 200 healthy people dying and 2000 disabled people.

i hate how the government constantly neglected disabled people because we don't contribute to society in a capitalist way. and they get away with it because unlike a lot of other minorites (nothing against other minorities, they are my fashionably too. just annoyed about stuff) we struggle to fight because we are already spending what little spare energy we have on fighting to live, fighting the government to get on dsp, being forced to choose between food and meds, not being able to leave the house because nothing is accessible. it's just. so frustrating.

of course right after i write this my sister's friend randomly shows up no warning so now idk how safe i am :///

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