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it's definitely not my top series yet, I'd probably go

1) DS9
2) VOY
3) TOS
4) TNG
4) DIS

(ftr I do love discovery, they are all very loved by me c:)

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I'm watching TNG for the first time, I put it off because it didn't seem as interesting to me as the ones that are far away from the federation, such as ds9, voy, and dis, but I'm enjoying it pretty well!

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give a man a sign, and he'll put it in his yard; teach a man to sign, and he'll be able to communicate better with the hard of hearing, improving accessibility for all ^.^

opinion: a Trident is worth no more then 2 diamond blocks, unless it's got enchants then maybe 3-4 blocks

three states of codl in the chat 

1. chat dead, i put on my cheerleader outfit and become the streamer's #1 fan until someone else says something in the chat, at which point...
2. chat alive, i stay quiet lest i be perceived by the regulars as "Not Funny", "Trying Too Hard", and "Who Are You Again?"
3. chat going so fast no one will see that im gay, i say "chat is going so fast no one will see that im gay"

i'm going cozy mode *nothing changes as i'm already in cozy mode*


i got a new pinafore from Dangerfield today look at its pattern

the world is very big and complicated, but I can make my own little place in it just a bit better. life is messy and weird, and I need to stop holding myself to impossible standards and just. try new things and see what happens

also keebs good

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we owe a lot to trans women of colour, don't fuckin forget it

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have people been known to rotate you??? buy my rotation insurance in order to prevent such acts

twelve out of ten people experience being 1.2 people

excited to ~hold hands~ with my partners for the first time in three weeks

if you shake my head it sounds like a rattle due to my three brain cells bouncing around. if they hit each other that's a thought

mrp. my medical supplies are meant to arrive today. they have not. I do not have enough to last till tomorrow, and I'm meant to be going away tomorrow at like 10:30am so they have to arrive before then or I'm screwed

this reminds me of whatever the fuck was going on in that campaign delta and melissa were playing

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