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that feeling when my brain wants to
but if struggles and

put trash in the outside bin! goodbye my collection of trash!

i don't know who needs to hear this, but you don't have to be a furry to scamper. anyone can scamper, and you are valid

cryptocurrency, twitter, accessibility rant 

I hate crypto.
I hate ads.
I hate flashing videos.
but I fucking despise an autoplaying advertisement about crypto that's trying its hardest to give me a seizure on twitter dot com. strobing black / white backgrounds don't even look cool to anyone nor do they make me want to buy your stupid product

today is a shit day to be photosensitive (:

WARNING: making the 👉👈 gesture invokes the "five fingered hand of Eris" symbol and promotes chaos. this is very cool and you should continue doing so!

what i love about linux is that it's not perfect but i can make it better, i can make it work! i really understand why not technically knowledgeable people may not like it, but i like that it requires tinkering to get it to work right and how i like it c:

i got my computer disabling the touchpad when i go to tablet mode finally!
I made two acpi actions, one for enabling one for disabling, and then for the action i did this (with enabled/disabled depending on the action)

sudo -Hu <user> DISPLAY=:0 DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=unix:path=/run/user/<uid>/bus gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.peripherals.touchpad send-events enabled

it feels a little hacky because you can't gsettings another user so you have to tell sudo to run as another user because acpid runs as root, and it won't just take -u for whatever reason

either way! it works!

Then we tried to find some parallel constructions and I realized that ‘yote’ actually implies a present tense of ‘yite’ to parallel write/wrote. So it might should be ‘yate’ to parallel eat/ate.

This evening the 10yo realized the past participle of ‘yoten’ is real fun, though.

When I yeet you, you were yote and you have been yoten.

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The other night, the 10yo said, “Daddy, what do you think is the past tense if ‘yeet’?”

My wife was like, “Excuse me?”

I said, “Well, if your greatest concern is people understanding you, you should probably go with ‘yeeted’, but—“

My wife interrupts, “What is this word?!?!”

The 10yo says, “Because I was thinking it should be ‘yote’.”

My wife, “Yote?!?!?”

I said, “Yeah. That’s what I’d reach for.”

“How do you know this word??? What is going on???”

Then the 10yo defined it for her.

Two more notes re: media captions:

1st: Mastodon supports descriptions on audio and video as well as on static images and animated GIFs. Describing nonrepresentational and nonverbal art (e.g. instrumental music) can be difficult, but even a vague description can still give context to a post and its replies.

2nd: a number of semi-standardized custom emojis - e.g. :help_describe: :describe_me: :describe_me_outlined: - exist to say, "I can't describe this, please help". Which a lot of us want to.

217 3/6*

Line 1: 5th perfect.
Line 2: 5th perfect, but 1st in the wrong place.
Line 3: Won!


i am a ball of anxiety due to 5 random explosions near by

does anyone know how to run xinput as the current user when activated by an acpi event rule? im trying to get my touchpad to disable in tablet mode because it magically stopped doing that, and i have got all the pieces, but the problem is xinput throws an exit code 1 when the rule is triggered, and doesn't disable my touchpad xd

You have permission to favorite my negative posts, with the meaning "I have seen this and acknowledge it", and I promise not to interpret that as a favorable reaction.

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