Blender animation time-lapse, trying out the tools rather than actually animating much.

Friendly reminder: In a world where so many people are cruel for the sake of it, the most punk thing you can do is to be kind without expecting anything in return.

Searching for good resources on plurality. 

Trauma talk 

media: socialists are using "masstodon" to communicate, almost certainly about how they can take down america from within
socialists: headpats are stored on the me :blobcatmelt:

English neopronoun set i just thought of now for when u are No Self 

they really shouldn't have assigned me a gender if they wanted me to keep it, i'm terrible about losing things

lewd, dentists 

Manic episode, police mention, self harm mention (not me) 

It's the morning. I'm gonna take us to go be gay at work


Chronic pain; the bane of my loathsome existence. I lie. The host is more of a pain in the ass- heheh

people dont do enough to support and include genderqueers

Not even 3 hours of sleep before waking up from a nightmare tonight

Nightmare, guns, attempted murder, hospitalization, mental hospital, police. (Part 2/2) 

Nightmare, guns, attempted murder, hospitalization, mental hospital, police. (Part 1/2) 

So in the span of 6 months I've gone from "absolutely the gender I was assigned at birth" to "there is no gender, it's all a huge conspiracy by Big Deodorant™️"

- :coyote:​

Honestly, sometimes reading back on what other alters have said is terrifying. We have this new alter who doesn't know she's part of a system yet, and two of our friend were trying to explain it to her, and right as she was just getting to the acceptance stage it was like she reset and forgot everything she had been taught by them, she even said it was nice meeting them even though she's known then for about a week now.

It just terrifies me that our brain can do something like that, just hide all her memories so that she doesn't think she's part of a system

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