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music player recommendation request, boosts welcome 

so vanilla music seems to be unmaintained, and this means features we want no longer work due to the android permissions api changing.

soooo, until Vanilla gets upated again

can we be recommended a music player which isn't vanilla music but has the ability to import and export (and sync up automatically, ideally) m3u files from an arbitrary location on device?

(we use syncthing to keep this in line with mpd on our desktop and laptop)

open source is nice, but fuck it idc.

please only rec apps you have a baseline familiarity with, we aren't interested in hearing "oh well i duckducked and this was the first result" responses

weld stream promo

at 19:00 cdt we'll be hanging out, repairing a gunpla, and chatting, after like, not being on twitch all year

update re: request for income help and such, boosts welcome, etc 

we moved successfully into our tiny studio apartment!

the day before that, we were officially told that Queerit, who we got contracts for web design through, was closing! we just got our last payout from them.

we're not fucked, we have savings, but we sure are disabled and lack of income outside the small amount on patreon is defs a stressor and like, yeah, any help would be super welcome!

wishlist, every payment link, etc:
digital glitch art commission info:
our free music which you can pay as you wish for:

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psa re: the big twitch data leak 

sourcing from:

we wanna say that it's a great idea always to change passwords (this includes stream keys, which are a kind of plaintext stored password) and activate 2factor auth (ideally with an OTP app like AndOTP for example), and there is no reason to believe the ppl who leaked the twitch data and commit history haven't also got ahold of a bunch of passwords and personal info, and this leak IS Part 1


currently, it appears that streamer revenue payouts are the only personal data from anyone's account being publicized at this moment. this makes sense also with how it'd appear this person is aiming at disrupting twitch&amazon more than anything

again, don't not cycle your passwords and stuff. caution is always warranted, but, like, probably no need to panickedly go "oh god my passwords!" in allcaps just yet

question abt an old ipad and android tablet :boost_ok: 

yk, gonna repost about this and make it boostable this time

hi, we have an old and low power android tablet, plus a gen 1 ipad sitting around. they're completely unused for us and we'd be interested in what things we can possibly do that're interesting with them and maybe help us learn shit

hardware modification (taking apart the case and all that) is less realistic an option, but like, idk, other software related stuff would be neat. running linux on a thing or something? shrug.

if nothing else we'll probably make them into digital picture frames in the end or something so -shrug- it's hardly pressing

request for income help and such, boosts welcome, etc 

hi all!

so, we're finally fucking moving by the end of this month (aaaaaaa)

we get some income from doing freelance contract projects for software dev and accessibility work, and we have some savings, but, like. extra income is always welcomed, especially when steadier through things like patreon, because we're disabled and the inability to work consistently is always looming over us, plus just, moving costs, medical costs, groceries, all of the things.

so like, short version, we'll be scraping by okay but like if you want to help out or spread this around, we'd appreciate it has all the ways you can support us, like patreon and paypal, with a wishlist. enter offer code 69!

we do digital glitch art, with commission info at

we release music rarely and you can download it for free at and consider tipping above if you like

tech, quick small(?) work opportunity w/ wordpress and woocommerce and stuff 

do we know anyone who wants a paid wordpress/elementor builder/woocommerce/klaviyo job, needing done ASAP? there's Issues with the klaviyo api, and they're at a loss with the issue. you can reply/dm with a contact email and we'll pass it along to them for more details

(boosts welcome) question for other folks who have been on estrogen based HRT 

have you ever been given norethindrone as an alternative to progesterone, and how was it, have you gotten to compare it, what did it actually do for you?

we were on norethindrone when we started, off it for a while, and we just started progesterone, but we honestly haven't figured out much of what norethindrone was doing for us, if much, and we're curious abt other ppl's experiences

android app request, medication tracking, boosts welcome! 

is there a good android app for like. reminders of meds based on when you last took other meds or when you announce going to bed, instead of on a rigorous schedule?

our sleep schedule is kinda fluid and like. we have a set of "morning" meds that sometimes we'll be taking at like 16:00 or 20:00

and then another that's spaced out from that, and another spaced out from that. is it possible to just say "I've taken my meds, now remind me in 2 hours to take a fiber supplement" or whatever?

looking for freelance web design work, among other things 

if you or someone you know wants to pay someone to do some front-end web design, especially something nice mainly done in HTML and CSS with as little javascript as possible, we could use some work! we have a small portfolio at

we also do glitch art commissions, info at

and if you just wanna support us without making it a Work thing, is there too

re: help request, income and housing situations. :boost_ok:​ 

continued update:

we have, like, some amount of freelance web design income, but not much - we can scrape together what we need to help out. if anyone could take in a disabled system, ideally either near the chicago area (we'd prefer to end up there) or somewhere nearish to atlanta (currently in the area as is), we'd appreciate it.

our parents that we're stuck with are going to be moving to a new house through the month of May, and we will be pulled into helping with this in ways we cannot physically handle, and we already know they're not considering us and our wheelchair and fucked leg at all, given they're picking out entirely multi-story homes.

if you wanna help us out with income, is the way to go, and recurrent donation methods, mainly Patreon, go a long way towards making us sure we're kinda stable.

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re: help request, income and housing situations. :boost_ok:​ 

so, an update, we're getting hit with a lot of pressure to get a job and move out, and we really can't stay at our parents'.

monetary support still welcome (, but also, if anyone in the atlanta metro area (or, within a reasonable driving distance of that, or longer if you're willing to help us get the Hell out of this state, we don't have a car ourselves) has space for a disabled queer plural system to stay, that'd be great. we don't have much income, and don't expect to be able to help out much with rent, but. we have some savings if it comes to it.

we're, you know, in the works of trying to find some work and/or get on disability, but there's a strong chance we either don't find anything remote we can do, or if we do, we'll burn out fast or otherwise not hold onto it for long, and that we don't qualify for SSI.

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couple of things we make, commission offers, etc 

our music:
it's public domain and free to use. if you like it, we'd love if you'd pay what you can (and seriously, only that much) at

we don't recommend our bandcamp, just use our netlabel's page 💚💜🤍🖤🧡💖💙
we have not taken commissions for our music but we... could?

our glitch art:
we do take commissions, starting at $30 for existing images and $45 for pieces done from scratch!

help request, income and housing situations. :boost_ok:​ 

hiya! so we've had things unpinned and this has been less focal for a bit, mostly because our entire life has been a Thing lately and the stress of internalized ableism and classism was not a good addition at the time.

if you'd like to support us, links to our patreon, paypal, cashapp, and a wishlist are on

currently we're stuck living with our abusive parents again, who we previously planned to cut contact with, and we will be stuck with them for... an unknown amount of time.

the house is very inaccessible, being a three story place while we use a cane and wheelchair for chronic leg pain, and we have no bedroom so we're sleeping on an air mattress in the living room. we don't really currently have a great way out of this situation.

the most direct thing is that if we have enough income to actually support ourselves, there's the potential to move out, but otherwise it's all kinda
-big shrug- rn. but even in the short term, maintaining financial independence for things like keeping up our own phone plan, getting meds, buying groceries for ourselves when our parents are dismissive of our needs, and ordering food when we can't cook, are really useful.

please, though, do make sure your own oxygen mask (that is to say, ability to survive) is affixed before helping us out at all. thanks, y'all.

quick question for the local plural cafe folks, related to sex/kink 

given that anyone at all has said to make unlisted posts, that's what we'll primarily do.

thanks for feedback yall ✨

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weld stream announcement, dark souls edition 

hey we're fuckin live and about to play dark souls in 15 mins let's goooo

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