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very loud unlisted post so it's the first thing on our profile page, just as one more addition to the already existing stuff in the bio

if you don't dm us before follow requesting, we will not accept, unless we can see that you're migrating accounts or something

live re: weld stream announcement: resident evil 7 

officially live!

once again, we'll note there's insects and grossout stuff and dead bodies and animals in this game - please take care, and check over for more extensive stuff

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weld stream announcement: resident evil 7 

the first proper horror game of scarecember! live at 18 eastern US time as usual!

(also, this game in particular has a lot of stuff going on, and it's worth checking out for extensive content warnings! the game has a lot of grossout stuff intended for VR and all)

don't use un-cwed ASCII art, or: what it sounds like when you retoot to pet the cat 

the android select to speak screen reader is reading this post

update, money stuff, request for help 

just noting that we ended up with a $240 vet bill for our cat

extra help v welcomed, given

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weld stream announcement: payday 2 

hi yes at 18 est (our time for all scheduled streams!) it's friday friendlyzone time, so we'll be playing payday 2 with friends

weld stream announcey 

oh hey it's monday

we're streaming Tales of Symphonia here in half an hour on

:boost_ok:​ raspberry pi questions, media servers 

so hey what dyou use, aside from plex (disliking the way it communicates so much with external plex servers and such), for a media server that's easy to install on a raspberry pi 4?

we specifically want the thing of easily being able to browse our videos n things on the local network via at least a web browser

(we were looking at universal media server, but it seems a little hard to install so we'll put it lower on priority rn)

money stuff, request for help 

since it's near the end of the month, here's another post, if you wanna help out, especially on patreon (but oher means are also good!)

we've been pushed to help out with $200 a month of rent for the next few months, and input to help that not fuck with our move out of here in february would be great.

as always, please put on your own oxygen mask first, don't give what you don't have. πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ–€πŸ’–πŸ’™ links to our patreon, cashapp, and paypal, as well as a wishlist.

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weld stream announcement 

🐲In one hour, that's at 18 EST, we'll be playing Dark Souls Remastered.


  1. a software bug for a particularly complicated or messy system, which may be hard to detangle at its core

"Oh, Factorio's new experimental build can't auto update, they hit an SSL curse."

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