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weld stream announcement 

today at 18:00, in about 6 hours 20 minutes, we'll be streaming doing 3d modeling stuff in blender, and maaaybe some 2d pixel art too?

we'll be working on a project to make a tarot deck with 3d models!

re: weld stream announcement 

now live!!! gonna be back and forth on multiplayer and singleplayer guilty gear!

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weld stream announcement 

18 est, in 5 hours 30 minutes, we'll be playing Guilty Gear Xrd revelator for friday friendlyzone!

stream announcement, dark souls 

in! two hours! at 18:00! dark souls stream!! hopefully our internet doesn't kill it again!

do *you* have a dualshock 4 controller and linux, and hate the steam overlay as your only option for emulating an xpad controller? a relatively current guide to getting ds4drv working presently on linux 

step zero!
you MAY need to use python 2.7, but we are using 3.8 now without issue! if you do need to, this guide may help:

step one: edit! your! evdev!

this github issue comment lays out the thing:

but essentially, you'll need to edit your install of evdev. if you used sudo pip3 install evdev or equivalent for pip2, this will be in a location like /usr/local/lib/python3.8/dist-packages/evdev/

for us, we think we installed it in apt, so ours was in /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/evdev/
you may have to do some rummaging around, sorry folks!

changing line 304 (as of writing) and commenting out super().close() in the close(self) function set up there, will make ds4drv not crash every time you press the playstation button.

step two: edit! your! hidraw file! (if you're using hidraw mode to use it wired!)

this one is easier! if ds4drv doesn't see your controller, then in
/usr/local/lib/python3.8/dist-packages/ds4drv/backends/ (swap 3.8 for your version, as usual), edit this and scroll down to that big array labeled "HID_DEVICES."

it should look like
"Sony Computer Entertainment Wireless Controller": HidrawUSBDS4Device,
"Wireless Controller": HidrawBluetoothDS4Device,

add the line
"Sony Interactive Entertainment Wireless Controller": HidrawUSBDS4Device,
right before that. we guess sony renamed their controllers a little and that threw this off.

annnnd now you're at the easy part! read the readmes at , check the wiki for stuff like the lightbar color, and copy the example config file to ~/.config/ds4drv.conf

you'll also want to grab that udev file and follow the instructions for it, too, but those haven't changed. this is just a guide to the weird hacks you need to do to make it work now.

update re: money stuff, request for help 

hey in case you aren't sure on this, just so you know, we have more than enough to cover for this month now. we'll never turn down extra. but yeah.

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re: money stuff, request for help 

hey yall. we just agreed to pay more on our rent ($200, from, uh, nothing besides the internet bill we were already paying because we don't get money) than we can really afford to right now, especially thinking about moving, because really it seems like everyone we live with is sorta shit out of luck with money rn

help would be appreciable. own oxygen masks, and such. links to patreon, cashapp, and paypal, as well as a wishlist.

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weld stream announcement 

in one hour 15 minutes (18 EST) we will be playing Scanner Sombre, with nearly no knowledge of the story?

weld stream announcement 

🍰hi folks! at 18:00 eastern, that's in about 7 and a half hours, we'll be playing Duck Game for friday friendlyzone, at

weld stream promo, in 4 and a half hours 

at 18 EST on Millie and us (and potentially others dropping in, but we dunno!) will be playing the multiplayer beta update for Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R! finally, fighting games again!

money stuff, request for help

hi again
our cat just had a vet appointment which costed $170, a majority of our month's income.

again, we're trying to maintain savings for our move in February, and we have no income outside donations because we don't qualify for disability.
we also need various things like a bike pump for our wheelchair's flat tire, to maintain getting ourselves and our cat groceries, etc
or yk, idk, there's a wishlist for the weld fang fund and stuff lol

help is appreciated n stuff, not honestly feeling all that great about this

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