:boost_ok:​ weld are live playing: skyward sword 

late start because we uh, just crawled out of bed after a nap, sorry! enjoy some tunes while we get our shit together

weld are streaming 

twitch.tv/fidgetcetera/ come hang out for some kerbal space program?

(boosts ok!) weld are live on twitch with: jojo's bizarre adventure: heritage for the future? 

friday fightyfights are back on!!! let's play a jojo game!!! what's a jojo's anyway

weld are live on twitch with risk of rain 2 

it's friday night fightyfights, time for uh,,,, totally a fighting game we swear,,,

insect (hornet) screenshot re: the weld are live on twitch 


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the weld are live on twitch 

twitch.tv/fidgetcetera getting things ready to continue this first-time playthrough of skyward sword~!

weld is live on twitch playing: skullgirls 


we'll be up and ready in the next 10 minutes or so~

game/video streaming question, boosts welcome 

so, a thing we've been doing is streaming to a local self hostud RTMP server with no microphone, then also twitch with microphone, so our friends can watch alongside us and co-commentate. the latency is pretty rough on this, however.

does anyone have either, suggestions for things other than discord to use that are low latency for very small audiences (but do not worry about the technical aspect of setup - if we can use linux and provide a high quality one way webcam and microphone feed, we can hack it). our strongest consideration is jitsi but we've had... mixed results

or ways to improve the latency of our rtmp streams/settings other ppl can drop into VLC to view with lower latency, as relevant (this solution is more tenuous due to the bandwidth issues if more than a very few ppl watch tbh)

re: twitch stream!! 

oh god mario sunshine is rly hard

skyward sword time

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re: twitch stream!! 

okay so jet set radio has bad controls, we're playing super mario sunshine now!!!

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twitch stream!! 

nowww live! we'll be on voice in a few minutes, for now you can relax and enjoy the music~

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twitch stream in a few hours 

hi today we're gonna stream jet set radio and then maybe a surprise game with some friends on twitch.tv/fidgetcetera, at 13 EST for like 6 hours ongoing

if you don't feel like converting to your timezone: itsalmo.st/welds-jet-set-radio

money stuff, request for help as usual 

hello from a new phone! we have a phone plan! (partly because we managed to get a promotional $25 of credit free)

anyway, we'd still like to support ourselves and our cat, who we also need to prevent from tearing up the carpets. but we're not in emergency

any bit counts, but definitely give to other folks first, and put your own oxygen mask on before helping others. and thank you to everyone that helps out ✨

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pulseaudio question, boosts okay, will delete if/when we get an answer 

some audio streams/applications are short-lived (such as if we use sox to play a short sound file) or disappear on focus lost (such as games)

is there a way to view and edit non-active streams, so we can adjust the volume or change the audio device of something?

specifically, we'd really like to point Enter the Gungeon at a null sink but the audio only runs while it's tabbed in, so when we alt tab to pavuctl, the audio stream is gone

music self promo or whatever 

hi! while it is bandcamp friday and you can find all but our newest album on bandcamp, you can literally always get our music free at
then consider tossing us some money via anything on weld.eerie.garden/support.html
and bandcamp will never take fees on it, any day

btw while you're there, please do check out the other folks on the Red Onyx Music netlabel ✨

@packetcat contrast-ratio.com/ will do a lot of the wcag guidelines math for you and is what we use on all our sites, personally

money stuff, request for help as usual 

hi! you can support us on:

we're about to have a new phone, which means we can start pushing for putting it on a plan of our own, which means that our parents will have one less method of control and we can cut off their contact entirely by ditching our old number.

we have a patreon goal for roughly how much a pay-by-use Ting phone plan will be for us, but it'll probably be lower in most cases since we're on wifi so often.

additionally, we've made a wishlist at weld.eerie.garden/wishlist.htm if ppl wanna send us money to get something, specific or not, that we've been wanting.

also, like, we spend on food delivery more than we'd like but as much as is necessary because we are disabled and sometimes can't cook, so. help is always appreciated.

and thanks always to everyone who does. yall make our life a lot better and it's amazing ✨

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