positive update re: money stuff, request for help again 

so, we've just updated our patreon goals becaaaause

the insurance we presently have does not have copays 🎉 which means we don't have to pay $40 a month just on meds!!!

the goals are now reshaped a bit around that. we still appreciate any help we can get - this mostly just means now it goes to food first instead of meds, which... is nice!

we did still just pay $80 on new glasses and also we had to buy our cat litter and yeah

glad to have had the support we've had


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tech help request: android 10, pixel 2, bluetooth is a hell 

multiple audio devices, which can pair to other devices, can't pair to our pixel 2 running android 10. we've tried resetting network settings, rebooting devices, rebooting the phone, and also changing between the bluetooth AVRC versions in developer options (seemed like the most likely option to have any effect).

the specific error every time is "couldn't connect because of incorrect PIN or passkey". sometimes this shows up alongside a "do you want to pair?" dialogue, interrupting or being interrupted by it, but choosing to pair on that dialogue does nothing. there is no actual prompt to enter a pin, and this happens, again, across multiple bluetooth devices which don't prompt for a pin on other phones and laptops.

should we assume there's a hardware fault, is there any further troubleshooting to do, or what?

re: money stuff, request for help again 

yeah so, uh. we have had to pay out of pocket for multiple doctor appointments and an ultrasound of our chest. oh, and meds
in case you were wondering how the whole "not having insurance for June" situation is going

oh and also we've been getting overdraft fees because our bank account didn't get closed like it should have and we accidentally left it linked to our paypal so when we bought an accessibility tool (an automatic litterbox for our cat) we accidentally brought our bank account into the negatives instead of using our credit union.

so uh. yeah.
etc whatever


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between all platforms, southern fried queer pride reached their goal and surpassed it, reaching $66,000 to fund a Black queer owned community space!
the space is guaranteed to be funded, but they've raised the goal to $100k for more resources to guarantee more accessibility and such!

Cash App: $sfqpatl
Venmo: @tayloralxndr
PayPal: paypal.me/sfqpdonate

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request for info/tutorials on blender, boosts okay 

does anyone have good like "very much first projects" type blender tutorials which have closed captions or are text/images only, and won't be confusing for us while we use blender 2.82?

matrix chat stuff, quick note about verifying individual devices on riot web and desktop when cross signing is enabled 

sometimes we see ppl lament not being able to verify single devices when they enable cross signing, so, a quick tutorial as we found this out recently

  1. click on "members" in the chat
  2. click the user
  3. below the "verify" button that will request an interactive prompt only, click "[number] sessions"
  4. click the individual session
  5. "manually verify by text"

fuck yeah! the fundraiser for a Black queer owned community space in Atlanta by Southern Fried Queer Pride hit the halfway mark when including donations not through gofundme!!

copying from their post when they hit $16k in one day, here's the links, including some not through gofundme!!

Continue to donate here: bit.ly/sfqpcc
Or via Cash App: $sfqpatl⁠
Or via Venmo: @ tayloralxndr⁠
Or via PayPal: http.//paypal.me/sfqpdonate⁠
Yes, all donations are tax deductible.

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transcription of that clip part 2 

@chosafine Sadiq: "You don't wanna be explaining federation policy when you're trying to organize."

chosa: "If your explanation for why someone should use a product begins with an explanation of the technical backbone of it, you are not selling it to someone."

transcription of that clip part 1 

@chosafine chosa: "But if we look at, say, Mastodon, now, if I'm convincing somebody to join mastodon at a protest, here's the pitch I have to make:
It's kinda like twitter but technically not really because your reach might be more limited and in order to join an instance you kinda have to go to this instances.social site and pick a random one, y'know read the code of conduct, make sure it aligns with your own views on life, religion, and what else, then join it, then you might not be able to talk to someone else 'cause your friend might've joined the wrong server that might not federate this server, it's a whole mess, but trust me it's kinda worth it, because there's some cool furries there.

And you see how that falls apart. The project itself doesn't have a clear definition."

hey, southern fried queer pride just sent out an email and put up a gofundme for creating a Black queer owned community space

this'll be in Atlanta, as SFQP is mostly based in Atlanta with some stuff also in Durham NC.

re: money stuff, request for help again 

random update on this: we won't have insurance for the next month apparently, so if you wanna support us on patreon or whatever, it will REALLY fucking help in case we need to pay a medical bill out of pocket


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money stuff, request for help again 

hey we just had a doctor's appointment, could end up needing another followup in a few weeks, and also had to get food and stuff for our cat!

wanna pay for cat food and litter and even catnip and toys?
wanna help a future weld get off xeir abusive parents' phone plan and onto a pay-by-usage one xey control?
wanna give support to the creators of some weird art shit like at red-onyx-music.xyz/mx_ace_fuck or weld.eerie.garden/art/ or tilde.town/~fidgetcetera/gende ?
wanna just have the satisfaction of knowing you're choosing to help some disabled people who aren't eligible for disability income out?

support us today at


random question 

can you think of an object in space which has a name starting with the letter H?

(just over) a year ago we wrote We're Going to Need a Bigger Bed, our polyamorous shipping one-blog-post tabletop RPG

it is still yet to be playtested!
weld.eerie.garden/blog/2019/05 here it is ✨

new album out! 

just thought we should post about it ourselves too and not just have the netlabel post boosted!

as always our albums are in public domain and we ask that you pay what you can, but you're welcome to freely download 💚🖤💖💙

request for income help 

hi, we're on a new account!

if you're not aware already, we're disabled and not able to get benefits, but not really able to work. essentially, the only income we get comes from people, mainly here online.

we're lucky enough to live with people who cover our rent and utilities, so mostly we worry about paying the internet bill, but rent still is more worrying when 2 roommates are still forced to work (not from home, they're working retail and hotel stuff) with kinda a looming threat of "what if their jobs just Stop and they don't get pay"

regularly periodic stuff through things like patreon is really helpful for predictability, but any support we can get is helpful. thanks y'all!

if you'd like to help:

please only send us money you have, okay?

@TransCrowdFund @DisabilityCrowdFund

couple of things we make, commission offers, etc 

our music:
it's public domain and free to use. if you like it, we'd love if you'd pay what you can (and seriously, only that much) at paypal.me/fidgetcetera

we don't recommend our bandcamp, just use our netlabel's page 💙💖🖤💚
we have not taken commissions for our music but we... could?

our glitch art:
we do take commissions, starting at $30 for existing images and $45 for pieces done from scratch

contacting us: 

please do it!
we have a list on our website, sorted in order of priority (except email's at the top because near-everyone has it), at

we prefer to have people we can talk to on other platforms outside of a microblog sort of thing, and you're welcome to bring up things we talked about here for a more in depth discussion.

(don't boost) some Weld boundaries, on boosting, ableism, and content warning requests 

1. we post by-default privately. if the boost button is available to you, and we didn't say "don't boost" (like in this post), you can boost it.

2. we appreciate content warning requests. to put it up front, we will not cw our use of our own reclaimed slurs (like, saying we're cute cripple queers), or our chronic pain or other fundamental things to us like it. that said, you're welcome to tell us if something we post/boost could use a CW, or if our CW could be more specific. we try to take these in based on what our mutuals boost and such onto our feed.

3. please don't say ableist shit on our feed! if you're criticizing ableism, we'd prefer you cw it. if it's internalized stuff, we understand. especially things like
"lame" and "cripple"
references to intelligence or brain size
this list is not comprehensive, but you can check:

Plural Café

Plural Café is a community for plural systems and plural-friendly singlets alike, that hopes to foster a safe place for finding and interacting with other systems in the Mastodon fediverse.