bottom dysphoria, top dysphoria, up dysphoria, down dysphoria, charm dysphoria, and strange dysphoria

Hey, do any folks have any free desktop apps for Windows, or free firefox extensions, they can point to that provide automatic closed captioning?

Chrome has a Live Caption feature built in, but firefox is lacking in this area, and I've done some searching with little luck. My little sibling is having tons of trouble with their schoolwork because the online coursework is primarily in un-CCed videos.

monetary stuff, boosts welcome 

hi all!

this isn't super urgent but as usual we're disabled and have trouble getting independent income. if you'd like to help us, here's an up to date note of that:

we do freelance web design and accessibility auditing. if you wanna talk pricing for a website, let us know!

we make glitch art and take commissions per the info at and we'd really like to keep doing more!

we have support info at w/ patreon, cashapp, paypal, etc. all that jazz. if you have any want to increase our monthly income that's especially appreciated. especially relevant is that we're very recently on Comradery and kind of migrating from patreon to there!

thanks to anyone who looks at this, boosts it, or supports us. put on your own oxygen mask before helping others, and know we're not really in a particularly Bad Situation rn.

silly meme about computers 

there are many more we could include on this meme, really

weld money support update 

this is a short one, but we're now on Comradery in addition to all our other stuff! which is exciting to us!

quick twitch note re: income stuff 

hey btw if you have like. an unused twitch prime sub (if you use amazon prime you probably do) laying around or otherwise wanna throw in, it'd be appreciated honestly. we can't really stream much for a bit, but our twitch payout is like... maybe 3 subs away from hitting the minimum payout for us to actually get money from it, so. it'd be nice to have that by the end of the month (and then we'd get $100 and change on the 15th of feb)

that's at

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@packbat @ajroach42 aw wow ;;
honestly we always feel least proud of that song and that EP, so

thank you, gosh

@ajroach42 we have three short EPs on

our official stance for them is to encourage people simply download them for free on the site and use them as they please, and then also pay a bit on paypal if they can

also we do glitch art commissions! which is more buying us making a new thing, but... there's existing stuff here:

update re: request for income help and such, boosts welcome, etc 

just wanna drop an update post

help is still always appreciated. we're trying to fill our free time with longer streams to keep ourselves supported, so if you ever wanna drop in and see those, . additionally, if anyone has opportunities for paid front-end web design, or accessibility auditing, our schedule is completely open for freelance opportunities. we can't really accept full-time positions, but please DM us if you have something relevant.

as well as that, we have glitch art commissioning info at

if you wanna just support us, is where you go, and we're deeply appreciative. until we have a Comradery account, Patreon is one of our preferences, simply for the consistency.

thanks to everyone, put on yr own oxygen mask first, etc

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stream promo 

we'll be finally returning to dark souls, probably at 18:00 cst? give or take?

stream promo 

alright, live, about to do some sudoku after we get a bread dough started

hey completely dead serious: if you ever want us to design a website for a silly ARG (or other silly or serious thing, but like. this is what's on our mind), please hit us up because holy shit we are always down for that kinda thing

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