@ajroach42 we have three short EPs on red-onyx-music.xyz/the_weld_sy

our official stance for them is to encourage people simply download them for free on the site and use them as they please, and then also pay a bit on paypal if they can

also we do glitch art commissions! which is more buying us making a new thing, but... there's existing stuff here:


update re: request for income help and such, boosts welcome, etc 

just wanna drop an update post

help is still always appreciated. we're trying to fill our free time with longer streams to keep ourselves supported, so if you ever wanna drop in and see those, twitch.tv/fidgetcetera . additionally, if anyone has opportunities for paid front-end web design, or accessibility auditing, our schedule is completely open for freelance opportunities. we can't really accept full-time positions, but please DM us if you have something relevant.

as well as that, we have glitch art commissioning info at weld.eerie.garden/art/commissi

if you wanna just support us, weld.eerie.garden/support is where you go, and we're deeply appreciative. until we have a Comradery account, Patreon is one of our preferences, simply for the consistency.

thanks to everyone, put on yr own oxygen mask first, etc

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stream promo 

we'll be finally returning to dark souls, probably at 18:00 cst? give or take?

hey completely dead serious: if you ever want us to design a website for a silly ARG (or other silly or serious thing, but like. this is what's on our mind), please hit us up because holy shit we are always down for that kinda thing

re: stream promo 

going live! we're going to hang out and chat and probably do something chill and nice for the first hour, then @IsabelleHellraiser can join us for skate and also bird!


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music player recommendation request, boosts welcome 

so vanilla music seems to be unmaintained, and this means features we want no longer work due to the android permissions api changing.

soooo, until Vanilla gets upated again

can we be recommended a music player which isn't vanilla music but has the ability to import and export (and sync up automatically, ideally) m3u files from an arbitrary location on device?

(we use syncthing to keep this in line with mpd on our desktop and laptop)

open source is nice, but fuck it idc.

please only rec apps you have a baseline familiarity with, we aren't interested in hearing "oh well i duckducked and this was the first result" responses

weld stream promo 


at 19:00 cdt we'll be hanging out, repairing a gunpla, and chatting, after like, not being on twitch all year

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