Hey, do any folks have any free desktop apps for Windows, or free firefox extensions, they can point to that provide automatic closed captioning?

Chrome has a Live Caption feature built in, but firefox is lacking in this area, and I've done some searching with little luck. My little sibling is having tons of trouble with their schoolwork because the online coursework is primarily in un-CCed videos.

@fidgetcetera I don't know about Windows, or any apps. But I do know a couple of good speech-to-text systems which integrates into a common backend for video playback.

I'd like to see apps expose this feature!

@fidgetcetera honestly, I'd just use Chrome, speech recognition is hard and Google is far ahead of most people and certainly of any free options

not a real solution 

@fidgetcetera very hacky workaround would be to find a way to stream your desktop to a sufficiently recent android phone and use its global auto-captions

@fidgetcetera just replying so that if people know stuff i can get info on it

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