monetary stuff, boosts welcome 

hi all!

this isn't super urgent but as usual we're disabled and have trouble getting independent income. if you'd like to help us, here's an up to date note of that:

we do freelance web design and accessibility auditing. if you wanna talk pricing for a website, let us know!

we make glitch art and take commissions per the info at and we'd really like to keep doing more!

we have support info at w/ patreon, cashapp, paypal, etc. all that jazz. if you have any want to increase our monthly income that's especially appreciated. especially relevant is that we're very recently on Comradery and kind of migrating from patreon to there!

thanks to anyone who looks at this, boosts it, or supports us. put on your own oxygen mask before helping others, and know we're not really in a particularly Bad Situation rn.

monetary stuff, boosts welcome 

@fidgetcetera what is your Comradery URL?

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