request for income help and such, boosts welcome, etc 

hi all!

so, we're finally fucking moving by the end of this month (aaaaaaa)

we get some income from doing freelance contract projects for software dev and accessibility work, and we have some savings, but, like. extra income is always welcomed, especially when steadier through things like patreon, because we're disabled and the inability to work consistently is always looming over us, plus just, moving costs, medical costs, groceries, all of the things.

so like, short version, we'll be scraping by okay but like if you want to help out or spread this around, we'd appreciate it has all the ways you can support us, like patreon and paypal, with a wishlist. enter offer code 69!

we do digital glitch art, with commission info at

we release music rarely and you can download it for free at and consider tipping above if you like


update re: request for income help and such, boosts welcome, etc 

we moved successfully into our tiny studio apartment!

the day before that, we were officially told that Queerit, who we got contracts for web design through, was closing! we just got our last payout from them.

we're not fucked, we have savings, but we sure are disabled and lack of income outside the small amount on patreon is defs a stressor and like, yeah, any help would be super welcome!

wishlist, every payment link, etc:
digital glitch art commission info:
our free music which you can pay as you wish for:

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