psa re: the big twitch data leak 

sourcing from:

we wanna say that it's a great idea always to change passwords (this includes stream keys, which are a kind of plaintext stored password) and activate 2factor auth (ideally with an OTP app like AndOTP for example), and there is no reason to believe the ppl who leaked the twitch data and commit history haven't also got ahold of a bunch of passwords and personal info, and this leak IS Part 1


currently, it appears that streamer revenue payouts are the only personal data from anyone's account being publicized at this moment. this makes sense also with how it'd appear this person is aiming at disrupting twitch&amazon more than anything

again, don't not cycle your passwords and stuff. caution is always warranted, but, like, probably no need to panickedly go "oh god my passwords!" in allcaps just yet

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