money stuff, request for help again 

hey we just had a doctor's appointment, could end up needing another followup in a few weeks, and also had to get food and stuff for our cat!

wanna pay for cat food and litter and even catnip and toys?
wanna help a future weld get off xeir abusive parents' phone plan and onto a pay-by-usage one xey control?
wanna give support to the creators of some weird art shit like at or or ?
wanna just have the satisfaction of knowing you're choosing to help some disabled people who aren't eligible for disability income out?

support us today at$fidgetcetera

re: money stuff, request for help again 

random update on this: we won't have insurance for the next month apparently, so if you wanna support us on patreon or whatever, it will REALLY fucking help in case we need to pay a medical bill out of pocket$fidgetcetera

re: money stuff, request for help again 

yeah so, uh. we have had to pay out of pocket for multiple doctor appointments and an ultrasound of our chest. oh, and meds
in case you were wondering how the whole "not having insurance for June" situation is going

oh and also we've been getting overdraft fees because our bank account didn't get closed like it should have and we accidentally left it linked to our paypal so when we bought an accessibility tool (an automatic litterbox for our cat) we accidentally brought our bank account into the negatives instead of using our credit union.

so uh. yeah.
etc whatever$fidgetcetera​​

positive update re: money stuff, request for help again 

so, we've just updated our patreon goals becaaaause

the insurance we presently have does not have copays 🎉 which means we don't have to pay $40 a month just on meds!!!

the goals are now reshaped a bit around that. we still appreciate any help we can get - this mostly just means now it goes to food first instead of meds, which... is nice!

we did still just pay $80 on new glasses and also we had to buy our cat litter and yeah

glad to have had the support we've had$fidgetcetera

money stuff, request for help as usual 

hi! you can support us on:$Fidgetcetera

we're about to have a new phone, which means we can start pushing for putting it on a plan of our own, which means that our parents will have one less method of control and we can cut off their contact entirely by ditching our old number.

we have a patreon goal for roughly how much a pay-by-use Ting phone plan will be for us, but it'll probably be lower in most cases since we're on wifi so often.

additionally, we've made a wishlist at if ppl wanna send us money to get something, specific or not, that we've been wanting.

also, like, we spend on food delivery more than we'd like but as much as is necessary because we are disabled and sometimes can't cook, so. help is always appreciated.

and thanks always to everyone who does. yall make our life a lot better and it's amazing ✨

money stuff, request for help as usual
hello from a new phone! we have a phone plan! (partly because we managed to get a promotional $25 of credit free)

anyway, we'd still like to support ourselves and our cat, who we also need to prevent from tearing up the carpets. but we're not in emergency

any bit counts, but definitely give to other folks first, and put your own oxygen mask on before helping others. and thank you to everyone that helps out ✨

money stuff, request for help as usual

posting again - as always, we're disabled and do stuff online. if you wanna help out with things like:

  • us giving our cat cute toys and stuff
  • us getting things from our wishlist
  • us getting groceries
  • us getting things not on our wishlist
  • us ordering delivery food when we can't cook
  • the potential for insurance to get fucky about a new wheelchair

then please feel free to click the link above which contains our cashapp, patreon, paypal, etc, and the aforementioned wishlist.

we're not presently in any emergency and we'll be okay, so support yourself and others first, but we do seriously always appreciate what we get.

thanks yall!!!

money stuff, request for help as usual
just a quick post: we have run our Ting phone bill up a bunch by using mobile data, as we've been without internet (and for a bit, power) thanks to a hurricane

we also realized we're in need of a bike pump for our wheelchair tire because it's flat

(and, as always, there is a wishlist, if you want to contribute to the weld fang fund. we are also trying to maintain savings to move in February/March ish)

we are not in emergency but we have honestly not gotten as much this past month and we get pretty stressed about spending money on extra unplanned stuff, and a quick end of the month call esp for folks who might want to send to us via patreon seemed a good idea

thanks to everyone who does help or boost or anything c:::

money stuff, request for help

hi again
our cat just had a vet appointment which costed $170, a majority of our month's income.

again, we're trying to maintain savings for our move in February, and we have no income outside donations because we don't qualify for disability.
we also need various things like a bike pump for our wheelchair's flat tire, to maintain getting ourselves and our cat groceries, etc
or yk, idk, there's a wishlist for the weld fang fund and stuff lol

help is appreciated n stuff, not honestly feeling all that great about this

re: money stuff, request for help 

hey yall. we just agreed to pay more on our rent ($200, from, uh, nothing besides the internet bill we were already paying because we don't get money) than we can really afford to right now, especially thinking about moving, because really it seems like everyone we live with is sorta shit out of luck with money rn

help would be appreciable. own oxygen masks, and such. links to patreon, cashapp, and paypal, as well as a wishlist.

update re: money stuff, request for help 

hey in case you aren't sure on this, just so you know, we have more than enough to cover for this month now. we'll never turn down extra. but yeah.


money stuff, request for help 

since it's near the end of the month, here's another post, if you wanna help out, especially on patreon (but oher means are also good!)

we've been pushed to help out with $200 a month of rent for the next few months, and input to help that not fuck with our move out of here in february would be great.

as always, please put on your own oxygen mask first, don't give what you don't have. 💚💜🖤💖💙 links to our patreon, cashapp, and paypal, as well as a wishlist.

update, money stuff, request for help 

just noting that we ended up with a $240 vet bill for our cat

extra help v welcomed, given

money stuff, request for help has all the ways you can help us out

our roommates are asking for even more in rent than we guaranteeably get as income monthly (and generally, not really recognizing how our disabilities work and expecting more from us than we can give in more ways than one)

we're really stressed about this, still have to buy our own food (frequently ordering delivery because we can't actually cook very often, and only recently has the freezer not been completely stuffed with food so we can get frozen stuff that's much lower effort), pay the internet bill too, and we're moving between states in March. generally a lot of a thing.

generally we're not in an amazing spot? and whether you wanna just put in money generally, or specifically point out a thing on the wishlist you want us to get with that money, we'd appreciate it.

please put on your own oxygen mask first - don't put yourself in a shitty spot because of ours.

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